What is K- 9 Vajra?

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The Indian Army is planning to introduce the Made in India K-9 Vajra self-propelled artillery guns in the Eastern Ladakh sector where it has already equipped its troops with Spike missiles.

About  K-9 Vajra


  • It is a 155 mm, 52-caliber tracked self-propelled artillery system.
  • It is built by Larsen & Toubro with technology transferred from South Korean defence major Hanwha Defense based on its K9 Thunder. 


Features of K-9 Vajra

  • It has all-welded steel armor up to 19mm thick.
  • The main weapon is the 155mm / 52 caliber gun. 
  • It has a burst rate of fire of three rounds per 15 seconds and a maximum rate of fire of six to eight rounds a minute for three minutes.
  • Range: 40 km
  • The K9 uses a digital fire control system, by which it can fire multiple rounds that can impact a given area at the same time.


Key facts about Spike missile

  • Spike is a fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).
  • The Spike family of ATGMs are developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a defence technology company based in Israel.
  • Spike missiles are being used by the defence forces of Israel and another 38 countries, including India, Netherlands, Romania, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Poland.
  • Features:
  • These are lightweight, fire-and-forget tactical precision-guided missiles using electro-optical (EO) and fiber-optic technologies.
  • It has the ability to penetrate around one meter of armor and can be operated in either “direct attack or mid-course navigation based on target coordinates only.
  • The missile has an inbuilt seeker, which gives the firer the flexibility to use any of two modes: Day (CCD) and Night (IIR). The dual seeker adds to the missile's reliability.


Q1) What is Nag Missile?

The Nag missile is an Indian third-generation, all-weather, fire-and-forget, lock-on after launch, top-attack, anti-tank guided missile. The NAG missile has been developed to engage highly fortified enemy tanks in all weather conditions with day and night capabilities and with a minimum range of 500 meters and maximum range of 4 kilometers. Development of the Nag is part of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP), run by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). It is manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL).

Source: Indian Army To Introduce K-9 Vajra Guns & Spike Missiles In Eastern Ladakh Amid Standoff