What is Llama 3?

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Recently, Meta introduced its most capable Large Language Model (LLM), the Meta Llama 3.

About Llama 3

  • Llama or Large Language Model Meta AI is a family of LLMs introduced by Meta AI in February 2023. 
  • Features
    • It is claimed to be the most sophisticated model with significant progress in terms of performance and AI capabilities.
    • It is based on the Llama 2 architecture which has been released in two sizes, 8B and 70B parameters. Both sizes come with a base model and an instruction-tuned version that has been designed to augment performance in specific tasks.
    • Reportedly, the instruction-tuned version is meant for powering AI chatbots that are meant to hold conversations with users.
    • It supports context lengths of 8,000 tokens. This allows for more interactions, and complex input handling compared to Llama 2 or 1.
    • It can be used onFacebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the web. It is readily available for developers as Meta has integrated the LLM into the Hugging Face ecosystem.
    • At present, Meta AI is available in English across the US on WhatsApp. 

Q1: What is a large language model (LLM)?

It is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) program that can recognize and generate text, among other tasks.LLMs are trained on huge sets of data—hence the name "large."

Source: What is Llama 3, Meta’s most sophisticated and capable large language model?