What is Lunar Codex?

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A collection of various art made by humans might become immortal with the Lunar Codex programme.

About Lunar Codex


  • A collection of art gathered from artists will be stranded on the lunar surface as a lasting record of human creativity even in times of war, pandemics and economic crises. 
  • This programme is spearheaded by Samuel Peralta, a semi-retired physicist and art collector from Canada.
  • The collection of varied digitised art will be sent to the moon as a lasting record of human creativity. 
  • Lunar Codex is stored on memory cards or laser etched on NanoFiche, a 21st-century update on film-based microfiche. These will ensure that the art forms reach the lunar surface safely. 
  • The collection of art is gathered from 30,000 artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians from 157 countries. The art forms include images, magazines, books, podcasts, movies and music, which are divided into four capsules. 
  • The first such capsule is known as the Orion collection, which has already flown around the moon when it launched on the Orion spacecraft as part of NASA’s Artemis 1 mission last year.
  • In the coming months, a series of lunar landers will take the Lunar Codex capsules to various destinations in craters at the moon’s South Pole and a lunar plain called Sinus Viscositatis.


Q1) What is Crater?

Craters are bowl-shaped depressions or hollows on the surface of a planet, moon, asteroid, or other celestial body. They are formed primarily as a result of impact events, where objects from space, such as meteoroids, asteroids, or comets, collide with the surface of the celestial body at high velocities.

Source: What is Lunar Codex? Unique project sending digitised work of 30,000 artists to moon