What is Nano DAP?

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Recently, the Finance Minister of India, presenting the interim budget announced the expansion of the application of Nano DAP on various crops in all agro climatic zones.

About Nano DAP:

  • It is a unique liquid fertilizer product that contains nanoparticles of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP).
  • It is a source of nitrogen and phosphorus – 2 key primary nutrients essential for the growth of crops. 
  • It contains 8% Nitrogen and 16% Phosphorus by volume.
  • Unlike conventional DAP, which comes in granular form, IFFCO’s Nano DAP is in liquid form.
  • It has an advantage in terms of surface area to volume, as its particle size is less than 100 Nanometre (nm).”

Advantages of NANO DAP

o Higher Crop Yield: Due to small size and more surface area to volume ratio; seed treatment and foliar application of Nano DAP at critical growth stages enhances nutrient availability to crops.Hence, Crop yield increases due to increase in leaf chlorophyll, photosynthesis, root biomass, number of effective tillers and branches.

o Quality Food: Nutritional quality of harvested food produce was found to be better in terms of protein and nutrient content.

o Reduction in Chemical Fertilizer Usage: Enhanced use efficiency of one bottle (500 ml) of Nano DAP can potentially replace the phosphorus requirement met by conventional DAP by 50%.

o Environment Friendly: Production of Nano DAP is energy and resource friendly. Precision and targeted application of this to crops therefore leads to agriculture sustainability and safety of the environment by reducing soil, air and water pollution.

o It is more pocket-friendly than its conventional counterpart.A 500 ml bottle of Nano DAP, equivalent to a 50-kg bag of conventional DAP

o It is set to significantly reduce this import burden.

What is DAP?

o DAP, or di-ammonium phosphate, is the second most commonly used fertilizers in India after urea.

o It is high in phosphorus (P) that stimulates root establishment and development — without which plants cannot grow to their normal size, or will take too long to mature. 

Q1:What is Nitrogen?

It is the most abundant element in our atmosphere, is crucial to life. Nitrogen is found in soils and plants, in the water we drink, and in the air we breathe. It is also essential to life: a key building block of DNA, which determines our genetics, is essential to plant growth, and therefore necessary for the food we grow. 

Source:In Interim Budget 2024, Sitharaman says use of Nano DAP to be expanded: What is this made-in-India fertiliser?