What is National Bamboo Mission?

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 About National Bamboo Mission: 

  • Restructured National Bamboo Mission approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 25-04-2018. It mainly focuses on the development of a complete value chain of the Bamboo sector to link growers with consumers
  • The Restructured National Bamboo Mission is a centrally sponsored scheme (CSS).
  • Aim:
    • The Mission envisages promoting holistic growth of bamboo sector by adopting an area-based, regionally differentiated strategy and to increase the area under bamboo cultivation and marketing.
    • Under the Mission, steps have been taken to increase the availability of quality planting material by supporting the setting up of new nurseries and strengthening of existing ones.
  • Objectives:
    • To increase the area under bamboo plantation in non forest Government and private lands to supplement farm income.
    • To improve post-harvest management through establishment of innovative primary processing units near the source of production.
    • To promote product development keeping in view market demand, by assisting R&D, entrepreneurship etc.
  • Implementation: It is being implemented through the state nodal department which is nominated by the State/UT governments concerned.
  • The selection of beneficiaries: The selection of beneficiaries and delivery of assistance are being carried out by the State Bamboo Mission/State Bamboo Development agency stationed at the State/UT nodal department for implementing the National Bamboo Mission.



Q1) Which state is called the bamboo queen of India?

Mizoram is said to be the Bamboo Queen of the country

Source: PIB