What is PADMA?


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The government has approved the Print and Digital Media Association (PADMA) as a self-regulatory body for publishers of news and current affairs across the country.

 About PADMA:

  • The organisation — with 47 digital news publishers on board — will look at grievances related to digital media news content on their platforms.
  • With this, the Ministry has approved nine self-regulatory bodies since May 2021 under rule 12 of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.
    • They include DIGIPUB News India Foundation, Confederation of Online Media (India), and NBF- Professional News Broadcasting Standards Authority, among others.
  • Self-regulatory bodies will “oversee and ensure adherence by the publisher to the code of ethics; address grievances which have not been resolved by publishers within 15 days; hear appeals filed by the complainant against the decision of publishers etc.


Q1) Who will head the Print and Digital Media Association?

The organisation will be headed by former High Court Judge Mool Chand Garg along with senior bureaucrat and journalist ,Ashok Kumar Tandon and senior writer and journalist, Manoj Kumar Mishra  as members.

Source: Indian Express