What is Pibot?

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A team of engineers and researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST) is currently developing a humanoid robot named ‘Pibot’ that can fly aircraft without needing to modify the cockpit.

About Pibot


  • It is the world’s first humanoid pilot.
  • It can fly an aeroplane just like a human pilot by manipulating all the single controls in the cockpit, which is designed for humans.
  • Features:
    • It combines artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, can process the natural language of the flight manual and control the flight’s operation in real-time.
    • Pibot can control its arms and fingers to dextrously operate flight instruments, even with severe vibration in an aircraft, using high-precision control technology.
    • Its external cameras allow Pibot to monitor the current state of the aircraft and the internal ones help it manage essential switches on the control panel.
    • It is capable of memorizing global flight charts to conduct mistake-free flight missions on any air route.
    • It can memorise aircraft operation and emergency manuals (QRH, an in-cockpit manual for the flight crew to refer to in case of in-flight problems) and respond immediately.
    • The humanoid robot can also communicate with air traffic controllers and humans in the cockpit using voice synthesis, allowing it to act as a pilot or a first officer.


Q1) What is a Humanoid?

A humanoid is a type of robot or artificial entity that resembles a human in its appearance, movement, or capabilities to some degree. The term "humanoid" is derived from the words "human" and "oid," which means "resembling" or "similar to." Humanoids are designed and engineered to imitate human characteristics, both in terms of their physical attributes and sometimes their behaviors.

Source: Meet 'Pibot,' the humanoid robot that can safely pilot an airplane better than a human