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Scientists from Bangladesh and Mauritius recently embarked onboard India’s research vessel Sagar Nidhi to participate in a joint ocean expedition.

Why in News?


  • The event took place under the framework of the Colombo Security Conclave (CSC) between the nations of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).


About Sagar Nidhi:

  • Ocean Research Vessel (ORV) Sagar Nidhi is a multidisciplinary vessel operated by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, Ministry of Earth Sciences. 
  • It was built in 2007 by Fincantieri, Italy
  • It is India’s third research vessel after Sagar Purvi and Sagar Paschimi.
  • Features:
    • It is 104 metres long and 18 metres wide.
    • It is powered by fully automatic diesel-electric propulsion.
    • It is designed with blue-water capability with ranges of up to 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km) for voyages lasting up to 45 days.
    • It is equipped to launch submersible capsules capable of taking scientists to a depth of six km below sea level.
  • Uses:
    • The vessel is capable of carrying out geo-scientific, meteorological and oceanographic research.
    • The vessel would be used for launching tsunami monitoring systems and remotely operable vehicles, for identifying mines and gas hydrates.
    • It would provide a cutting-edge reference point for the study of marine theatres of operation, including tropical and polar environments.


What is the Colombo Security Conclave?

  • The Colombo Security Conclave was formed in 2011 as a trilateral maritime security grouping of India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives.
  • The roadmap of activities was later expanded, with Mauritius joining as the fourth member and Bangladesh & Seychelles participating as observer countries.
  • The Conclave underlines regional cooperation and shared security objectives concerning all littoral nations in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR).
  • It aims to make maritime security, marine pollution response and maritime search & rescue priorities for the region.


Q1) What is the National Institute of Ocean Technology(NIOT)?

The National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India. The institute works towards developing world class technologies and their applications for sustainable utilization of ocean resources; providing competitive, value added technical services and solutions to organizations working in the oceans; developing a knowledge base and institutional capabilities in India for management of ocean resources and environment.

Source: Scientists embark on expedition onboard India's research vessel Sagar Nidhi