What is Skye UTM?

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Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways recently unveiled Skye UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management), touted as the world's most cutting-edge unmanned traffic management system.

 About Skye UTM:

  • What is it? It is a Cloud-based aerial traffic management system that integrates unmanned air traffic with manned aviation airspace.
  • Purpose: It has been built towards providing situational awareness, autonomous navigation, risk assessment, and traffic management to all drone/other aerial mobility operators across the airspace.
  • Operation:
  • It captures more than 255+ parameters of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) movements and stores them into its 'Blackbox,' a published systematic description of the entire flight.
  • The platform offers the first 3-Dimensional view of the drone airspace along with operations and regulations mapping servers which provide the latest airspace status, verified paths and display real-time UAV movements.
  • It connects and communicates with all types of drones, from survey drones to delivery drones to aerial taxis.
  • It can handle more than 4000 flights per hour.
  • The platform offers regulatory access to Air Traffic Controllers and other regulatory authorities, allowing them to have real-time drone traffic movement information, pilot information, and other necessary data for evaluation and coordination.


Q1) What is a drone?

A drone refers to any aerial vehicle that receives remote commands from a pilot or relies on software for autonomous flight. Many drones display features like cameras for collecting visual data and propellers for stabilizing their flight patterns.

Source: Gadkari unveils advanced drone air traffic management system 'Skye UTM'