What is the Airbus C295?

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The first C295 for India has successfully completed its maiden flight, marking a significant milestone towards its delivery by the second half of 2023.

About Airbus C295:

  • It is a new-generation tactical airlifter in the light and medium segment.
  • It was designed and built by Airbus, a European multinational aerospace corporation.
  • It is robust and reliable but also highly versatile in terms of the number of different missions it can perform. 
  • The C295 conducts multi-role operations worldwide under all weather conditions. 
  • Types of Missions:
    • It is known to be a superior aircraft used for tactical transport of up to 71 troops or 50 paratroopers.
    • Air-to-Air refuelling: It can be converted into an air tanker that can deliver up to 6,000 kg of gasoline to fixed and rotary wing receivers by adding a detachable refuelling kit.
    • Airborne Early Warning (AEW): It has a cutting-edge radar with 360-degree coverage to give a complete picture of the airspace in its Airborne Early Warning variant.
    • Water-Bomber: It can be transformed into a powerful water bomber that can put out forest fires with up to 7,000 litres of water due to a flexible roll-on/roll-off system.
    • Armed/Ground ISR (Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance): A close-air-support operation that uses an ISR with a multi-mission radar that can also be weaponized.
    • The aircraft can be utilised for casualty or medical evacuation as well as airdropping loads and paratroopers.
    • It is equipped to handle special missions, disaster relief operations, and maritime patrol responsibilities.


Q1) What is a tactical airlifter?

Tactical airlift is a military term for the airborne transportation of supplies and equipment within a theatre of operations (in contrast to strategic airlift). Aircraft that perform this role are referred to as tactical airlifters.

Source: First Airbus C295 for India successfully completes its maiden flight