What is the Bastille Day Parade?

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France has recently invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra to visit Paris as a guest at the annual Bastille Day parade.

About Bastille Day Parade:

  • The Bastille Day military parade, also known as the 14 July military parade, is a French military parade that has been held on the morning of 14 July each year in Paris since 1880.
  • It is also one of the oldest regular military parades in the world.
  • July 14 is the anniversary of the storming of the infamous Bastille prison in 1789 - a turning point for the success of the French Revolution.
  • This day is marked as the National Day of France.


Q1) Who is the father of the French Revolution?

Jean Jacques Rousseau is widely regarded as 'The Father of French Revolution'. He was one of the 18th century's most important political thinkers. His work focused on the relationship between human society and the individual, and contributed to the ideas that would eventually lead to the French Revolution.

Source: PM Modi invited to France for Bastille Day parade