What is the Holocene Epoch?

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By analyzing Antarctic ice cores, scientists have revealed the most detailed look yet at the planet's recent climatic history, including summer and winter temperatures, dating back 11,000 years to the beginning of what is known as the Holocene, according to a study.

 About Holocene Epoch: 

  • The Holocene Epoch is the current period of geologic time.
  • The Holocene Epoch began 12,000 to 11,500 years ago at the close of the Paleolithic Ice Age and continues through today.
  • The Holocene begins at the end of the last major ice age and marks a "warm period" between ice ages.
  • The Holocene is characterized with variable climate changes, from both natural and anthropogenic (human) causes.
  • Another term that is sometimes used is the Anthropocene Epoch, because its primary characteristic is the global changes caused by human activity.


Q1) What is Geologic Time?

Geologic time refers to the vast expanse of time during which the Earth has existed, spanning billions of years.

Source: Scientists reveal Earth's most detailed recent climatic history