What is the Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems (IMCS)?

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What is the Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems (IMCS)? Blog Image


The Indian Army recently placed its first order for Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems (IMCS) for Mechanised Forces with an Indian start-up Hyper Stealth Technologies Private Limited.

Why in News?

  • This is the first-ever procurement order of an Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) project by the Indian Army. 

About Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems (IMCS):

  • It comprises low emissivity and/or CAM-IIR coatings and mobile camouflage system materials that enable armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) to blend in with their terrain background.
  • It achieves a reduction in the detection range of AFVs when viewed through a Hand Held Thermal Imager (HHTI)/Battle Field Surveillance Radar (BFSR) tank-based thermal camera under given environmental and weather conditions.
  • It achieves signature management by controlling the Visual, Thermal, infrared, and Radar Signatures of the object.
  • It will provide significant capability enhancement in stealth for AFVs.

Key Facts about Defence Excellence (iDEX) project:

  • The iDEX initiative was launched by the Government in April 2018.
  • Aim: To achieve self-reliance and foster innovation and technology development in Defence and Aerospace by engaging Industries including MSMEs, start-ups, individual innovators, R&D institutes, and academia
  • iDEX is funded and managed by Defence Innovation Organisation (DIO) under the Ministry of Defence.




Q1) What is an Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV)?

An armored fighting vehicle (AFV) is a military vehicle that is protected by armor and armed with weapons. Most AFVs are equipped for driving in rugged terrain. These vehicles are classified according to their characteristics and intended role on the battlefield.

Source: Indian Army procures Integrated Mobile Camouflage Systems from a start up