What is the Juno Probe?

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Recently, NASA's Juno spacecraft experienced a glitch that caused it to lose over 200 images taken during a Jupiter flyby.

About the Juno Probe:

  • JUNO is an acronym for Jupiter Near-polar Orbiter
  • It was launched in 2011, the Juno spacecraft initially embarked on a 5-year journey to the largest planet in our solar system.
  • Towards the end of its primary mission, the spacecraft’s objectives evolved, and it transitioned into a full Jupiter system explorer with flybys of Jovian moons.
  • Goal: Understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter, look for a solid planetary core, map the magnetic field, measure water and ammonia in the deep atmosphere, and observe auroras.

Key facts about the Jupiter

  • Jupiter, a gas giant planet covered in thick red, brown, yellow and white clouds, boasts a diameter of about 89,000 miles.
  • Interior models based on Juno data indicated Jupiter has a large "diluted" core representing about 5 to 15 % of the planet's mass comprised of rocky and icy material unexpectedly mixed with light elements like hydrogen and helium.

It has three moons Ganymede, Europa and Io.


Q1) What is the Galileo Mission?

The Galileo mission was launched to study the extended orbital, magnetic field, and moons of Jupiter.

Source: Nasa’s Juno probe loses over 200 images of Jupiter after camera glitch