What is the Parivar Pehchan Patra Scheme?

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What is the Parivar Pehchan Patra Scheme? Blog Image


The Haryana government’s Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) and IT-based welfare schemes will be displayed at the first Anti-Corruption Working Group meeting under the G20 Summit in Gurugram.

About Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) Scheme:

  • It was launched by the Haryana Government in 2015.
  • The primary objective of PPP is to create authentic, verified, and reliable data of all families in Haryana.
  • PPP identifies each and every family in Haryana and keeps the basic data of the family, provided with the consent of the family, in a digital format. 
  • Under the scheme, a unique identity card — called Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP) is launched — through which the state government aims to monitor all the families living across the state.
  • Under PPP, each family is considered a single unit.
  • Each family will be provided an eight-digit Family Id. 
  • The Family ID will be linked to the Birth, Death, and Marriage records to ensure automatic updating of the family data as and when such life events happen.
  • A family has to register itself on the PPP portal to avail the benefits of social-security schemes of the state government.
  • Benefits:
  • PPP scheme makes citizens able to take benefits of government schemes and services by sitting at home through online medium.
  • It also brings transparency to the system and eliminates middlemen so as to stop ineligible people from taking advantage of any scheme.



Q1) What is the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group (ACWG)?

The G20 ACWG was set up in June 2010 at the Toronto Summit.It has been at the forefront of guiding the anti-corruption initiatives of G20 countries.

Source:  Haryana Govt to highlight PPP benefits at Summit