What is the SATHEE (Self Assessment Test and Help for Entrance Exams) Platform?

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What is the SATHEE (Self Assessment Test and Help for Entrance Exams) Platform? Blog Image


The Ministry of Education (MoE) is set to launch a self-assessment platform for Indian students.

About the SATHEE Platform:

  • SATHEE is a new initiative by the Ministry of Education in association with IIT Kanpur
  • It provides Indian students with a self-paced interactive learning and assessment platform to prepare for competitive and other exams.
  • It will help students gain access to training and coaching for competitive examinations for free.
  • SATHEE aims to make the students learn the concepts and focus on their weak topics so they feel confident to give any exams by watching videos prepared by IIT and IISc faculty members.
  • It provides free learning resources, including 800 videos in 12 regional languages.
  • The platform will also provide regular all-India mock tests to help prepare for competitive exams, in addition to mentorship sessions by IIT and AIIMS students who shall act like SATHEES.
  • The interactive programme is currently open for coaching help for  JEE  and NEET. 
  • It makes use of an indigenously-developed AI programme called Prutor, which was developed by IIT-Kanpur.


Q1) What is SWAYAM Portal?

Swayam is a platform that facilitates hosting of all the courses, taught in classrooms from Class 9 till post-graduation to be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time. All the courses are interactive, prepared by the best teachers in the country and are available, free of cost to any learner.It is a programme initiated by Government of India.

Source: Education Minister to launch self-assessment platform for Indian students: UGC Chief