Who are Bru Tribe?

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Over 14,000 Brus displaced from Mizoram have been registered to vote in Tripura since their rehabilitation process began in April 2021.

About Bru Tribe:

  • Bru or Reang is a community indigenous to the Northeast, living mostly in Tripura, Mizoram, and Assam.
  • In Tripura, they are recognised as a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group.
  • They belong to Indo-Mongoloid racial stock. Their languages have an affinity with Austro-Asiatic groups under the Tibeto-Burman family.
  • Ethnically they are divided into 2 major clans namely Meska and Molsoi.
  • Their language is known as “Kaubru” which has a tonal effect on the Kuki language though broadly it is the Kok-Borok dialect.


  • They are still a nomadic tribe and a large number among them maintain their livelihood involving Hilltop Jhum Cultivation and other food gathering activities.
  • They believe in spirits and the existence of a soul.
  • By religion they are Hindus and most of their deities are akin to gods and goddesses of the Hindu faith. Among Reangs followers of Vaishnavism are found in good numbers.
  • This tribal community traditionally are endogamous and does not marry outside their community.
  • The village council chief known as “RAI” permits Divorce and Widow marriage


Q1) What is the characteristics of Mangolides?

Mongoloid are some people indigenous to East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North Asia, South Asia, the Arctic, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands. They are characterized by reddish skin, fairly thick lips, wider noses and straight hair. 

Source:  Tripura polls: Dilemma for first-time Bru voters in their new home