Who was Tulsidas?

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Recently, a controversial statement was made by a state minister on the Tulasidas’s Ramacharitmanas.

About Tulasidas:

  • Tulsidas, whose real name was Ram Bola Dubey, wrote the Ramcharitmanas on the banks of the Ganga in Varanasi. 
  • The Ramcharitmanas was written in the 16th century in the Awadhi dialect, which is primarily spoken in the districts of Lucknow, Prayagraj, and Ayodhya.
  • He was a contemporary of Emperor Akbar and is thought to have corresponded with Abdurrahim Khan-e-Khanan, the son of Akbar's commander Bairam Khan.
  • Tulsidas popularised the story of Lord Ram because he wrote in the regional dialect that most people understood. 
  • This enraged ancient Sanskrit scholars, and Tulsidas documented his anguish in his Kavitawali.


Q1) What is Dohavali?

Dohavali is a literally Collection of Dohas, is a work of Tulasidas consisting of 573 miscellaneous Doha and Sortha verses mainly in Braja with some verses in Awadhi.

Source: Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas, and criticism of the holy book