Indian Forest Service Salary - Allowances, Ranks, Salary of IFoS Officer

by Vajiram & Ravi

The salary of an Indian Forest Service Officer reflects not only the importance of their role in environment preservation but also recognises their dedication to maintaining the delicate balance between human needs and ecological well-being. The Indian Forest Service stands as a vanguard in the conservation and sustainable management of India's vast and diverse forest resources. Beyond its ecological significance, this service also carries a substantial appeal due to the competitive remuneration it offers to its officers.

Let's delve into the details of the Indian Forest Service salary, uncovering the financial recognition that accompanies their commitment to safeguarding India's natural heritage.

What is the Indian Forest Service Salary Per Month?

The initial monthly salary for an Assistant Conservator of Forests/Assistant Deputy Conservator of Forests in the Indian Forest Service begins at Rs 56,100. The highest IFoS salary of Rs 2,25,000 is accorded to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, who serves as the Head of the Forest Force. As officers progress through their tenure of 5, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 27 years in the Indian Forest Service, they receive promotions to different scales, resulting in an increase in their basic salary.

Indian Forest Service Ranks and Salary

The Salary of an Indian Forest Service Officer is determined by their rank.


Designation in State Government

Designation in Government of India

Indian Forest Service Salary

Junior Time Scale

Assistant Conservator of Forests/Assistant Deputy Conservator of Forests

Assistant Inspector General of Forests

Rs 56,100

Senior Time Scale

Deputy Conservator of Forests

Assistant Inspector General of Forests

Rs 67,700

Junior Administrative Grade

Deputy Conservator of Forests

Assistant General of Forests

Rs 78,800

Selection Grade

Deputy Conservator of Forests

Assistant Inspector of Forests

Rs 1,18,500

Super Time Scale

Chief Wildlife Warden

Deputy Inspector General of Forests

Rs 1,50,000

Senior Administrative Grade

Chief Conservator of Office

Inspector General of Forests

Rs 1,75,000

HAG Scale

Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests

Rs 2,00,000

HAG+ Scale

Principal Conservator of Forests 

Additional Director General of Forests

Rs 2,05,400

Apex Scale

Head of Forest Force

Director-General of Forests

Rs 2,25,000

Indian Forest Service Salary - Allowances

Indian Forest Service Officers are entitled to various allowances in addition to their basic salary. These allowances are designed to compensate for specific job-related expenses and provide financial support. Some of the common allowances given to IFoS officers include:

  • Dearness Allowance: This allowance is provided to adjust the salary of IFoS officers with the changing cost of living. It is calculated as a percentage of the basic pay and is revised periodically.
  • House Rent Allowance: IFoS officers are eligible for HRA, which helps them cover their accommodation expenses. The HRA amount varies depending on the officer's posting location and can be higher in metropolitan cities.
  • Transport Allowance: This allowance assists officers in meeting their transportation costs. It is provided based on the officer's grade and location.
  • City Compensatory Allowance: IFoS officers posted in cities with a higher cost of living receive this allowance to help them manage the increased expenses associated with urban areas.
  • Daily Allowance: When an IFoS officer is on official travel, they receive a daily allowance to cover their expenses for meals and other necessities.
  • Medical Allowance: This allowance covers medical expenses for the officer and their family members.
  • Leave Travel Concession: IFoS officers are entitled to LTC, which allows them to travel to their hometown or any place of their choice along with their family during specified periods.

IFoS Officer Roles and Responsibilities

Indian Forest Service Officers hold crucial roles in the management, conservation, and sustainable development of forest resources and ecosystems. Their responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks aimed at protecting biodiversity, ensuring environmental balance, and promoting community engagement. Some of the key job roles of an Indian Forest Officer include:

  • IFoS officers are responsible for managing and conserving forest resources. This involves planning and executing strategies for afforestation, reforestation, and wildlife conservation to maintain ecological balance.
  • IFoS officers play a significant role in protecting and conserving wildlife. They enforce laws against poaching, illegal hunting, and trafficking of wildlife while also working on habitat management and species preservation.
  • IFoS officers identify and protect biodiversity hotspots, manage protected areas like national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and work on preserving both flora and fauna.
  • Officers engage with local communities and raise awareness about the importance of forest conservation, sustainable practices, and the protection of natural resources.
  •  IFoS officers are involved in developing forest management plans, policies, and regulations. They ensure that resource extraction and utilisation align with sustainable practices.
  • Officers conduct research to understand forest dynamics, biodiversity trends, and ecological processes. They also monitor the health and well-being of forest ecosystems.
  • IFoS officers enforce laws related to forest and wildlife protection, investigating illegal activities and taking legal action when necessary.
  • Officers are trained to handle natural disasters like floods, landslides, and earthquakes in forested areas, ensuring the safety of both humans and wildlife.
  • IFoS officers may work in collaboration with international organisations, government agencies, and non-governmental organisations to address global environmental issues.
  • Some officers may engage in policy advocacy at regional, national, or international levels, influencing decisions related to forest and environmental conservation.

These responsibilities underline the diverse and essential roles that Indian Forest Service officers play in safeguarding India's natural heritage and promoting sustainable development for present and future generations.

Indian Forest Service Salary - Perks and Benefits

In addition to the standard allowances and benefits provided to officers, there are additional advantages that they experience during their tenure.

  • Supplementary Allowances: Officers receive extra incentives for exceptional achievements in their duties.
  • Educational Leave: If officers pursue advanced studies, they have the option to take leave for that purpose.
  • Post-Retirement Pension: Upon retiring, officers receive consistent pension payments each month as a retirement benefit.

FAQs on Indian Forest Service Salary

What is the Salary of an IFoS Officer?

The initial monthly salary for an Assistant Conservator of Forests/Assistant Deputy Conservator of Forests in the IFoS begins at Rs 56,100. The highest IFoS salary of Rs 2,25,000 is accorded to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests.

Who is better - IAS or IFoS?

There is no choice of who is better between an IAS and an IFoS Officer. The choice between IAS and IFoS depends on personal interests and career goals. IAS involves domestic governance and administration, while IFoS focuses on forest and wildlife conservation. Both services are prestigious and offer unique responsibilities. Consider your passion and desired impact when making your decision.

Who gets a better Salary - IFoS or IAS?

The initial starting salary of an IAS Officer and an IFoS Officer is Rs 56,100. However, the highest salary of an IAS Officer goes up to Rs 2,50,000, while the highest salary of an IFoS Officer is Rs 2,25,000.

How much is the Indian Forest Service Salary for a Deputy Conservator of Forests?

An Indian Forest Service officer who becomes a Deputy Conservator of Forests at the selection grade earns Rs 1,18,500. If they are at the junior administrative grade, their salary is Rs 78,800.

What is the Forest Officer salary of the Conservator of Forests?

The salary of the Conservator of Forests is Rs 1,50,000.

Who gets the highest IFoS salary?

The Head of Forest Force/Director General of Forest receives the highest salary of Rs 2,25,000.