UPSC Topper 2022: List, Ranks, Ishita Kishore AIR 1 Biography

by Vajiram & Ravi

Distinguished as the UPSC topper 2022, Ishita Kishore's remarkable feat shines as she clinched the pinnacle of success in the Civil Services examination. This accomplishment takes on added significance as the top four ranks were secured exclusively by exceptional female candidates, showcasing their exemplary capabilities. Alongside Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N, and Smriti Mishra secured consecutive positions in the list of UPSC 2022 Toppers, while a total of 1022 recommended candidates stand poised to contribute to public service across various roles, in alignment with their aspirations and the UPSC's discerning selection process.

Ishita Kishore's triumph resonates beyond mere achievement, generating a substantial fan base within India and invitations for engagement in discussions, interviews, and motivational dialogues. This article provides readers with an insightful glimpse into the UPSC Topper 2022 list, enabling them to glean invaluable insights from the journey and strategies of these accomplished candidates and understand the underlying motivations that drive them towards the challenging pursuit of the IAS examination.

UPSC Topper 2022 Ishita Kishore

Who is UPSC Topper 2022?

Ishita Kishore, attaining the coveted All India Rank 1 and emerging as the UPSC Topper 2022, holds the distinction of being identified by roll number 5809986. While originally rooted in Patna, Bihar, her journey led her to Delhi, India, where she spent a substantial phase of her life. Beyond her exceptional feat atop the UPSC Topper 2022 list, Ishita's prowess extends to the realm of sports, as she has notably showcased her skills as a talented soccer player. A testament to her athletic abilities, she proudly represented the nation in the esteemed Copa Subroto soccer tournament back in 2012.

Ishita Kishore's ascent to the zenith of the UPSC rankings, achieving the highest pinnacle on her third attempt at the age of 27, serves as a beacon of inspiration. Her illustrious accomplishments stand as a vivid testament to the potent synergy of unwavering dedication and relentless perseverance, casting a guiding light for aspirants aiming to conquer the UPSC challenge.

UPSC 2022 Topper List

The UPSC Outcome reveals the UPSC 2022 Topper List of 1022 candidates who has been endorsed for various services. This comprehensive list encompasses the names of the top 20 UPSC achievers, encapsulating their remarkable achievements.


Journey of the UPSC Topper 2022: Ishita Kishore

Ishita Kishore, the 2022 UPSC Topper, hails from Begumpet, Hyderabad, and was born in 1996. After graduating in economics from Delhi's Shri Ram College of Commerce in 2017, she garnered professional experience at Ernst & Young. Her achievement underscores resilience and diligent effort, with a family background of her father's Indian Air Force service and her mother's teaching career.

Having contributed two years to Ernst & Young's Risk Advisory, Ishita's focus shifted to the UPSC journey. Opting for Political Science & International Relations, she secured the top spot in her third attempt at the UPSC CSE, standing as an inspiring role model at 27. Ishita's success reflects her unwavering determination and dedication, setting a compelling precedent for aspiring candidates.

UPSC Toppers 2022 Ranks and Final Marks

Recently the Union Public Service Commission released Toppers Final Marks. The notification provides insight into the scores achieved by UPSC CSE 2022 toppers in both the Mains examination and the Interview phase, along with their final scores. The provided list showcases the 10 UPSC CSE 2022 Toppers' Final Marks as follows:

UPSC Topper 2022 List with Marks

Rank 2 and 3 Among UPSC Toppers 2022

Ishita Kishore clinched the top spot in the UPSC CSE Examination of 2022. Following closely is Garima Lohia, securing the 2nd position. Subsequently, Uma Harathi N attained the 3rd position. Explore the comprehensive details below concerning UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 2 and 3. Who gain insights into their chosen optional subjects alongside their educational backgrounds.

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 2 Garima Lohia

Garima Lohia, a graduate of Commerce from Delhi's Kirorimal College, attained the second position in the ranking of UPSC Topper 2022. Opting for Commerce and Accountancy as her optional subject, her extraordinary achievement etched a historic milestone as she seized the All India Rank 2.

UPSC Topper 2022 Rank 3 Uma Harathi N

Uma Harathi N, who holds a degree in Civil Engineering from IIT Hyderabad, clinched the third position in the list of UPSC Topper 2022. Having chosen Anthropology as her optional subject, she attained the All India Rank 3, exemplifying her exceptional academic prowess and expertise in her chosen field.

UPSC Topper List Year Wise [2022 – 2017]

Below is a tabulated representation showcasing the chronological UPSC Topper List year-wise from 2017 to 2022, inclusive of their respective scores in the Mains examination and Interview:

YearUPSC TopperMarks in Mains + Interview
2022Ishita Kishore1094
2021Shruti Sharma1105
2020Shubham Kumar1072
2019Pradeep Singh1072
2018Kanishak Kataria1121
2017Anudeep Durishetty1126

UPSC Topper 2021

Shruti Sharma, the UPSC Topper of 2021, attained an achievement of 54.57% in her score. Hailing from Bijnor, with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics. Shruti achieved an All India Rank (AIR) 1 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) on her second attempt.

UPSC Topper 2020

According to the list of UPSC toppers 2020, Shubham Kumar from Bihar attained the top position nationwide, achieving 1054 out of 2025 marks and securing 176 marks in the UPSC interview phase out of 275.

UPSC Topper 2019

Pradeep Singh, hailing from Haryana's Sonipat district, emerged as the UPSC topper 2019 in the examination, achieving this feat on his fourth try. Presently, he holds a position in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) within his native state. Pradeep credits his accomplishment to his father, a farmer, and his aspiration to contribute to the upliftment of the agricultural community.

UPSC Topper List PDF

The UPSC unveiled the list of UPSC Topper 2022 on May 23, 2023. The complete UPSC Topper List 2022 PDF, featuring the ranks and names of the toppers, is conveniently accessible on the official website. Additionally, we have provided the list in PDF format here.

Download: UPSC Topper List PDF

Success Story of UPSC Topper 2022

The UPSC Topper 2022 Ishita Kishore's path to achievement is undeniably remarkable. Following graduation, Kishore embarked on her professional journey at Ernst & Young, delving into risk advisory. Her tenure in the corporate world bestowed upon her an extensive comprehension of business intricacies, enhancing her cognitive abilities and proficiency in addressing challenges.

Apart from her academic and vocational feats, Ishita Kishore's active engagement in sports showcases her multifaceted character and adeptness at managing diverse facets of life. With her varied background, Ishita Kishore's attainment of the top spot in the UPSC 2022 examination underscores her versatility and aptitude. Her narrative is a source of motivation for individuals from varying educational backgrounds, inspiring them to chase aspirations and pursue excellence in civil services.

FAQs on UPSC Topper 2022

Who is UPSC Topper 2022?

The UPSC Topper 2022 list revealed on May 23, 2023, Ishita Kishore secured the 1st rank in the UPSC 2022 examination. This accomplishment was achieved on her 3rd attempt at the age of 27, showcasing her remarkable dedication and achievement.

What is the optional subject of UPSC Topper 2022?

The UPSC Topper 2022 Ishita Kishore opted for Political Science & International Relations as her optional subject.

What is the age of UPSC Topper 2022?

Ishita Kishore, the UPSC Topper 2022, achieved this feat at the age of 27 after successfully clearing the prestigious examination on her third attempt. Her initial two attempts at the Preliminary exam did not yield success.

Who are the top 10 candidates of UPSC 2022?

The top 10 candidates for UPSC 2022 rank-wise are as follows:

Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N, Smriti Mishra, Mayur Hazarika, Gahana Navya James, Waseem Ahmad Bhat, Aniruddh Yadav, Kanika Goyal and Rahul Srivastava.