PowerUP Prelims 2023 Test Series - February 2023

by Vajiram & Ravi

Duration 05-Feb-2023 to 14-May-2023
Fee Rs 4000 including GST
Admission Link https://vajiramias.com/test-series/powerup-prelims-2023-test-series-february-batch/63beb521c907c605dbd368fa/
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Why choose PowerUp Prelims Test Series 2023?

If you don't have the habit of putting into what you learn into practice, your CSE preparation is missing an essential key element.

Even when aspirants are able to lay a solid foundation, grasp key concepts of challenging topics, and extensively revise the curriculum, they are unable to clear the unpredictable screening methods of the CSE Prelims.

As a renowned UPSC Civil Services Examination Coaching Institute, Vajiram & Ravi has encountered numerous aspirants who, although possess a strong background and understanding of General Studies, are nevertheless trapped at the Prelims stage for years.

According to our observations, they encounter the following significant challenges:

  • They concentrate more on their strengths and work very little on identifying and improving their weak areas.

  • They have a weak understanding of the UPSC question pattern.

  • They are unable to allocate 2 hours to 100 questions in a consistent manner.

  • They attempt too many difficult and riskier questions and lose marks in the process.

About PowerUp Prelims Test Series 2023

The Preliminary Exam, where screening is the most vigorous and is primarily seen as a stage for elimination, is the most important stage of the UPSC Civil Services Exam. One can clear this exam by realizing that aggressive Testing and Improvement on a regular basis is more important than just reading and revising. In order to assist you in preparing for this exam thoroughly, Vajiram & Ravi has created a Prelims Test series that is deeply synchronized with the UPSC Syllabus and is rationally divided into Sectional and Full-length examinations.

Who should join PowerUp Prelims Test Series 2023?

"PowerUp" Prelims Test Series is for the aspirants who wants to achieve the following:

  • Develop time management skills

  • Combat negative marking

  • Determine areas of strength and weakness

  • Conquer exam anxiety and fear

PowerUp is for aspirants who want to boost their chances of answering the questions efficiently and accurately, which will increase their chances of clearing the cut-off.

How will PowerUp Prelims Test Series 2023 help you?

PowerUp will assist aspirants in a number of ways, including by encouraging to begin early and efficient revisions, practice strategies for tackling difficult questions, increase overall knowledge, become accustomed to pressure, and also serve as a guide to clear the Prelims.

Offline Benefits:

  • Familiarity: You will become accustomed to the real atmosphere of the Prelims examination, which will enable you to concentrate on providing accurate answers on the actual day of the exam.

  • Comfort: Students will be permitted to write the Offline Tests within 1 week of the test launch date. However, they can appear for the test online anytime, within the course duration.

  • Extra AttemptOne extra attempt is allowed in the Online Mode.

Online Benefits:

  • Flexibility: This is beneficial for working professionals and students pursuing regular graduation or a master's degree because they can take an online test whenever they choose from the comfort of their homes.

  • Extra Attemptone extra attempt is allowed in the online mode.

Performance Benefits:

  • It is a powerful method for enhancing your knowledge and memory.

According to our years of research, aspirants who completed our Prelims Test Series following a period of revision performed better on the Prelims than those who skipped the test series and simply spent the entire time studying and revising.

  • Doing mocks early enough in the year allows you time to focus on problem areas before the real deal.

The outcomes of the Test Series will help aspirants plan their time wisely for the upcoming weeks. It is then a matter of putting in the hours after these areas have been identified. Thinking about what you can do better is not enough; it is the doing that actually changes the game.

  • You have the chance to practise and sharpen your speed and accuracy using Test Series before taking the actual test.

You must attempt a certain number out of 100 questions in a time limit that prevents you from experimenting with your strategies. Your efforts to provide accurate answers will get more efficient as a result.

  • You will be able to develop specific pertinent skills by taking the Test Series. For instance, you'll be forced to think about the topics clearly and systematically and to transition between them occasionally in order to successfully attempt the paper.

Psychological Benefit:

  • It is an excellent chance to determine and put into practice what is most effective for the Prelims exam.

The effects of pressure on aspirants can be very high. Some may experience tension, worry, frustration, and cause careless blunders as a result, which would result in a subpar performance. To perform successfully under pressure, one needs time and practice and this is exactly what our Prelims Test Series offers.

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Prelims Test Series Mode

  • The tests will be conducted at the Delhi branch and the Chennai Branch.

  • Additionally, the tests will be available in online mode on the Vajiram portal.

Features of Prelims PowerUp Prelims Test Series 2023

  • Total 10 Full-length GS Tests.

  • Questions based on UPSC's trend, a significant number of questions are introduced based on their relevance and occurrence in current events.

  • Detailed explanation is provided to ensure more subject clarity.

  • Strategically devised and holistic coverage of the Prelims syllabus.

  • Designed it to ensure multiple revisions of the subjects with equal focus is on both static and Current affairs topics.

  • Subject and topic wise performance tracking (AI supported Individual Performance Analysis and Ranking) will help students track their mistakes, identify gaps in the preparation and improve their performance through subsequent remedial measures.

  • Regular Current Affairs Updates will be available on the Vajiram Portal.

Note: Those who have enrolled for the Offline Test Series can appear for the test in our Offline Test Centre anytime between 3 PM-5 PM (Monday to Saturday).

Technical Requirements For Vajiram App

Minimum Android Version: 7 (Nougat)

RAM: > 2GB (Recommended)

Storage: 300 MB

Please Note: Screen recording is disabled on videos only

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