PowerUP Prelims 2023 Test Series - October

by Vajiram & Ravi

The most critical stage of the UPSC CSE is the Prelims Exam where the screening is most aggressive, and majorly be considered a stage were filtering out takes place.  One can clear this exam by understanding the fact that it’s not only reading and revision which can help, rather it is all about aggressive Testing and Improving every day. Thus, a Prelims Test Series is sine quo non to clear it. Vajiram & Ravi brings to you the most UPSC Syllabus synchronised Prelim Test series logically planned into Sectional and Full-length tests to help you prepare for the exam in 360 degrees. 

Features - :

  • Total 25 GS Tests {15 Sectional tests (including 1 NCERT based test)+ 10 Full-length Tests}
  • Questions based on UPSC's trend, a significant number of questions are introduced based on their relevance and occurrence in current events.
  • Detailed explanation is provided to ensure more subject clarity.
  • Strategically devised and holistic coverage of the prelims syllabus through Sectional as well as Full-Length tests.
  • Designed it to ensure multiple revisions of the subjects with equal focus is on both static and Current affairs topics.
  • Subject and topic wise performance tracking and targeted feedback which will help students track their mistakes, identify gaps in the preparation and improve their performance through subsequent remedial measures. 
  • All G.S sectional tests will be followed by Detailed Test Discussion Videos enabling students to revise the syllabus.

Starting : 9th October 
Fees: 6500 + GST
Mode: Offline/ Online

Enrolment Link: https://vajiramias.com/test-series/powerup-prelims-2023-test-series-october/631c575318c8e1555e17923f/

Test Syllabus : Click here to download the Test Series Syllabus

Instruction to Students

  • Those who have enrolled for the Offline Test Series can appear for the test in our Offline Test Centre anytime between 3 PM- 5 PM (Monday to Saturday).
  • Online Test Series students can appear for the test anytime.
  • Offline Test Series students will be permitted to write the Offline Tests for only 1 week after the test launch date. However, they can appear for the test online anytime.


Sl.No. GS Test GS Test Type GS Test Date Day
1 GS Test-1 NCERT Test 9th-October-2022 Sunday
2 GS Test-2 Sectional-1 16th-October-2022 Sunday
3 GS Test-3 Sectional-2 23rd-October-2022 Sunday
4 GS Test-4 Sectional-3 30th-October-2022 Sunday
5 GS Test-5 Sectional-4 6th-November-2022 Sunday
6 GS Test-6 Sectional-5 13th-November-2022 Sunday
7 GS Test-7 Sectional-6 20th-November-2022 Sunday
8 GS Test-8 Sectional-7 27th-November-2022 Sunday
9 GS Test-9 Sectional-8 4th-December-2022 Sunday
10 GS Test-10 Sectional-9 11th-December-2022 Sunday
11 GS Test-11 Sectional-10 18th-December-2022 Sunday
12 GS Test-12 Sectional-11 25th-December-2022 Sunday
13 GS Test-13 Sectional-12 8th-January-2023 Sunday
14 GS Test-14 Sectional-13 15th-January-2023 Sunday
15 GS Test-15 Sectional-14 22nd-January-2023 Sunday
16 GS Test-16 FLT-1 05th-February-2023 Sunday
17 GS Test-17 FLT-2 19th-February-2023 Sunday
18 GS Test-18 FLT-3 26th-February-2023 Sunday
19 GS Test-19 FLT-4 12th-March-2023 Sunday
20 GS Test-20 FLT-5 26th-March-2023 Sunday
21 GS Test-21 FLT-6 02nd-April-2023 Sunday
22 GS Test-22 FLT-7 16th-April-2023 Sunday
23 GS Test-23 FLT-8 23rd-April-2023 Sunday
24 GS Test-24 FLT-9 07th-May-2023 Sunday
25 GS Test-25 FLT-10 14th-May-2023 Sunday