UPSC Prelims Contest 2023


10:25 AM

Winners of UPSC Prelims Contest 2023

1st Place: Namit Khurana, Apurv Jain
2nd Place: Pradhuman Singh Chauhan, Aditya Mehta, Utkarsh Gupta, Komal Hooda, Karthika S, Mohit Vats
3rd Place: HarRajdeep Singh, Vivek Singh, Gaurav Mishra, Deepak Gupta, Dhatri Raghunathan


Welcome to the Vajiram & Ravi Prelims Contest, a chance for Civil Services Examination hopefuls to test their knowledge, skills, and readiness for one of India's toughest and most respected exams.


The UPSC Preliminary Examination is a major step towards becoming a civil servant. It's a vital filtering stage to decide which candidates will move on to the Mains and eventually the coveted Interview round. Understanding the depth and breadth of topics covered by the UPSC is crucial. That's where the Vajiram and Ravi Prelims Contest comes in.

This contest is more than just a competition; it's a comprehensive learning experience to assess your preparedness for the UPSC Prelims. It's a chance to measure your knowledge, analytical skills, and ability to handle the unique challenges of the Civil Services Examination. With a focus on various subjects and the ever-changing world of current affairs, this contest simulates the actual Prelims.

Our goal is to empower and prepare you for the Civil Services journey. By joining this contest, you're starting a path of self-discovery and learning. You'll not only test your strengths but also find areas that need improvement. Plus, you'll benefit from the detailed explanations and insights we provide after each contest, boosting your understanding and readiness. 


Vajiram & Ravi is excited to announce its upcoming UPSC Prelims Contest. Here are the key details:

  • Date: The contest is scheduled for 21st November 2023.
  • Mode: The contest will be held online to ensure flexibility and outreach.
  • Timing: You can take the test from 9 AM to 9 PM, but please note that you can only appear for it once.
  • Registration: To participate in the contest, please fill out the form provided in the link below. Registration will close on 19th November 2023.
  • Test Link: The link to the test will be sent to your registered email ID on the morning of 21st November 2023.
  • Results: The results will be announced within one week from the date of the test.


UPSC Prelims Contest Prizes

1st Prize: Free Prelims CAMP + 22 Yellow Books + One Pagers (PYQ Theme Notes)

2nd Prize: 75% Off Prelims CAMP + 22 Yellow Books + One Pagers

3rd Prize: 50% Off Prelims CAMP + 22 Yellow Books + One Pagers


Click Here to know about Prelims CAMP


Terms & Conditions:

➡️ Following the announcement of the contest results, the Vajiram and Ravi team will reach out to the winners to facilitate the giveaway process.

➡️ Winners of the contest acknowledge to participate in media promotion of Vajiram and Ravi.

➡️ Contest conducted is part of promotional activity.