Vajiram & Ravi Ranker’s Program


We know how heart-wrenching it must have been to come so close to your objective and miss by a whisker. However, take pride in the fact that you are amongst the small handful of aspirants who got the opportunity to sit in the hallowed portals of the UPSC, facing an interview panel. That by itself is no mean achievement and is the most reliable indicator of your potential.

It is now time for you to reassess your attempt, identify and remove any lacunae in your preparation, and enhance your scope for further improvement. In this endeavor, allow us to be a part of your journey by providing you with academic and moral support in the form of continuum, with a fee of Rs.4500 (Inclusive of GST) for Mains Study Plan.


Mains Study Plan:

  1. SMART Current Affairs Programme:

Current Affairs forms an integral part of the UPSC syllabus, with questions related to current events appearing in both the Preliminary and Main Examinations. Therefore, staying updated about current events is an essential part of your preparation. For a Strategic, Multi-dimensional, Assessment-based, Resourceful, and Targeted approach to the current affairs, we will provide you 33 Current Affairs Classes with answer writing, during the months of July and August 2024 to help you score better in the Main Exam 2024. The classes are available through LIVE Online mode and Classroom mode at the Delhi centre, under the guidance of Jayant Parikshit, Abhinav Srivastava & Others.

  1. Essay Programme:

The Essay Paper in the Mains Examination is not merely a test of language proficiency; it is a canvas for you to showcase your intellectual depth, critical thinking, and the capacity to present well-structured arguments. As it plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of aspirants in securing a good rank in the CSE, we will provide you 10 workshop sessions with 3 Tests to understand the nuances of the paper and score good marks in it. The programme is available through LIVE Online mode and Classroom mode at the Delhi centre, under the guidance of Peeyush Kumar.

  1. General Studies Mains Test Series & Mentoring Programme:

The UPSC Mains Test Series is designed to mimic the actual Civil Services Mains examination, including the format, time constraints, and difficulty level of the questions. To help you become familiar with the exam pattern, practice answer writing, and manage their time effectively during the actual exam, we provide you 8 dedicated General Studies tests in the Vajiram’s Main Test Series with Mentorship. G.S Test Series available through LIVE Online mode and Classroom mode at the Delhi centre, under the guidance of Sajal Singh & Others.

  1. Optional Test Series Programme:

The main objective is to give you a solid grounding in the Optional Subject-Papers I & II as well as direction on how to study, use this knowledge to structure your answers to fetch good marks, and for that we will provide you 4 Optional Subject Test Series available in the following Optional Subjects: Anthropology, Geography, Public Administration, Commerce and Accountancy, Economics, Political Science and International Relations (PSIR), Philosophy, History, Mathematics, Sociology, Psychology, Agriculture and Medical Sciences. Optional Subject Test Series is available through LIVE Online mode and Classroom mode at the Delhi centre for the Optional Subjects available at Vajiram & Ravi, under the guidance of respective faculty.

Those students who qualify Main Exam 2024, will be eligible to attend the Mock Interview Programme


 Interview Guidance Programme:

While the Main Exam marks determine whether a candidate qualifies for the Civil Services or not, the Interview score plays a crucial role in deciding which service the candidate is likely to join. For that, we provide you the IGP after the Main Exam results are announced.