Frequently Asked Questions

by Vajiram & Ravi

When will Vajiram & Ravi start its admission process for 2021 Examination?

Vajiram & Ravi will conduct the classroom courses for the Prelims-cum-Main General Studies, CSAT and Optional Subjects for the academic year 2020-21 at our Delhi and Chennai centres from August-September 2020.

When is the registration date for August-September batch?

A new date will be released in July 2020 for the registration of August-September batch.

Have you postponed the May and July 2020 regular classroom sessions at Vajiram & Ravi?

Yes we have postponed the commencement of the May and July 2020 classroom sessions at Delhi and Chennai centres for General Studies, CSAT and Optional Subjects to the end of August 2020

Does Vajiram & Ravi conduct online classes?

Online Current Affairs classes course is available online from June 2020.Other online courses currently available are online Prelim and Main Exam Test Series.

Is there an online course in General Studies (GS) and Optional Subjects?

No there are no online courses available in G.S and Optional Subjects at present. The management may consider beginning an online G.S programme in November 2020. In the meantime, we are in process of designing a basic foundation course from beginners in July 2020.

What is the fee for G.S , CSAT and Optional Subject?

The Fee for General Studies is Rs. 1,65,000, CSAT is Rs. 20,000 at both the Delhi and Chennai centres. However, Optional Subject costs Rs. 52,000 at the Delhi centre and Rs. 42,000 at the Chennai centre as the course would be taught through video mode ( satellite beaming of lectures) at the institute.

What are the features included in the G.S Classroom courses?

The G.S classroom course includes the following:

  • ClassLectures
  • Printed study material designed for the Prelims and Mains Examination Syllabus
  • Access to Online Student Portal which will have the following:
    • Daily Current Affairs Posts
    • Editorial Analysis
    • Summary of Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines
    • Daily Current Affairs-based MCQs Tests and Monthly Current affairs Tests
    • Mains Answer Writing Programme
    • Monthly Current Affairs Magazine
    • Prelims Test Series

What is the duration of the General Studies (GS) Classroom course?

The duration of the G.S course is 36 weeks that is 9 months with one class day. The institute would conduct double classes to complete the 9 month course in a quicker duration, depending on when the UPSC announces the Prelim Test.

What are the Optional Subjects available in Vajiram & Ravi?

The Optional Subjects available in Vajiram & Ravi are:

  1. Public Administration
  2. Commerce & Accountancy
  3. Philosophy
  4. Economics
  5. Geography
  6. Political Science
  7. Sociology
  8. Anthropology
  9. History
  10. Psychology
  11. Mathematics

What is the duration of the Optional Subjects Classroom Course?

Duration of the Optional subjects Classroom Course is 16 weeks / 4 months.

Are the CSAT Classes included as part of the General Studies course?

No, CSAT course is not part of the G.S course and a student has to admit himself separately for each course.

What is the duration of the CSAT course?

The CSAT course is 12 weeks/3 months, with weekly 3-4 classes.

How to take admission in Vajiram & Ravi ?

It is necessary to register with the institute before admitting oneself.

Step 1: Online Registration Process

  • First, you have to registration online to get a registration/token number. That should be done on on the date mentioned by the institute.
  • During online registration you have to select the subjects in which you want to take admission.
  • Fill the registration form and upload your photograph
  • Final step is to pay a non-refundable registration fee of Rs 600.

Step 2: Token Number

  • Online Registration will lead to generation of a Registration /Token Number. Please save the token number and take the copy of it and bring this to the institute on the admission day.
  • Admission will be offered to students strictly according to the “Token Number” generated by them after registration.

Step 3: Admission

  • In the Token Number the date and the time for admission would be mentioned.
  • Based on the date & Time the candidates or their representatives are required to be present at Vajiram & Ravi’s office
  • On the admission day Application form will be provided at the institute.
  • Along with the Token Number photocopy students are required to bring two passport size photographs, Photo copy of PAN card, photo copy of valid photo ID & the required fee for the course.

Am I free to choose the batch of my choice?

The Batch timings are allotted as per the availability at the time of admissions.

Batch time is based on the time preferred by students and vacancy as per their token number.

In case of multiple courses like GS+Optional or GS+CSAT, we would help the candidates to be allotted appropriate batches keeping in view overlap of class time between courses with minimum time loss.

Are there any difference between the different G.S batch timings?

The course content, faculties and course duration will be same for all batches at a centre.

Can I complete the admission procedure in advance and not on the date mentioned in admission schedule column of the registration form?

A candidate cannot complete the admission procedure before the date mentioned in the admission schedule. Registration for the course would only be done on the mentioned date of registration.

Is there a facility for refund of the course fee if I choose to opt out of the classroom course?

A candidate can avail the refund of a classroom course fee if he/she opts out of the course for unforeseen reasons only within 15 days from the date of commencement of the course at the institute after appropriate nominal deductions from the course fee.

No request for refund will be entertained after the expiry of 15 days from the date of commencement of the course

Can I pay the fee from my place of residence on the day of admissions?

A candidate shall ensure his/her attendance at the time and date mentioned in the admission schedule at the institute premises along with the relevant documents or they can be represented by a nominated person to carry out his/her admission.

Is it mandatory for the candidate to be present at the time of admissions?

In case the candidate is not able to ensure his/her presence, he/she shall ensure a representative completes the admission formalities on his/her behalf at the institute premises on the day of admissions along with the mentioned documents.

What are the ways in which I can pay the course fee?

Course fee can be paid at the time of admissions only in the following 2 payment modes

Demand Draft Single Demand Draft/multiple Demand Drafts favouring “Vajiram & Ravi” payable at Delhi.

SBI Collect

The Course Fee will be paid through SBI Collect Interface

The necessary set up is configured for payment of the amount towards course fee mentioned in the registration form only.

Payment by netbanking or credit card can be made only on our customised interface developed specially for Fee Payment.

Note: Please note you need to make the payment on SBI Collect at Institute Premises only. (you will only need your netbanking details)

Is there any discount or concession in Course Fee in Vajiram & Ravi?

We do not have a policy for concession in the classroom course fee.

What about the Postal Course available in Vajiram & Ravi?

Postal Course is at present suspended due to the logistic difficulties faced due to Covid-19 emergency. When it is postal course resumes, the details are as follows:

  • The Course material will be dispatched within 7-10 days from date of enrolment.
  • The books will be delivered periodically as and when they are updated.
  • The number of printed pages will run into approximately 5,000 pages.
  • GS + Current Affairs + CSAT course fees is Rs. 12000
  • GS + Current Affairs course fees is Rs. 11000
  • GS + CSAT course fees is Rs. 10500

Is Vajiram & Ravi study material available on Amazon, the same?

The study material is available in bulk on website and can be individually bought on The student sold at the both platforms are the same.

Is there any discount when I join all the 3 courses together?

No, there is no discount even the student chooses all the 3 courses- G.S, CSAT and Optional Subject.

Will the teachers be the same for Delhi and Chennai for General Studies?

The teachers would almost be the same for Delhi and Chennai centres. We expect to bring majority of all the G.S teachers to teach at the Chennai centre

Why is Optional Subjects taught through satellite video classes?

Since, the Optional Subject teachers handle most part of the optional subject course, they would not be able to travel to Chennai to teach simultaneous batches as in the case of G.S. So, satellite mode of classes for optional subjects at the Chennai centre is the best alternative to be taught by the best teachers.

Is it difficult to take admission into Vajiram & Ravi?

Since, the requests for admission overwhelm the number of seats available, we are able to admit students on a first cum first served mode of admission. We open registration for admission on a particular day to facilitate students to register themselves from their hometown and once they receive a registration/token number, proceed to Delhi for admission.

Does Vajiram & Ravi have hostel facility?

The institute does not have hostel facilities. There are plenty of hostels, PGs are flats available on rent close to the institute. The institute would be able to assist the student by giving the contact details of available facilities or brokers.