Mains Intensive Programme 2024

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement

19th November 2023




9+ Months


For External Students Rs 24,000/- (incl. GST) | For Ex – Vajiram Students prior to 2022 Batch Rs 22,000/- (incl. GST)

Mains Intensive Programme 2024

About Mains Intensive Programme Test Series 2024

Despite having a strong grasp of the knowledge as perthe UPSC CSE syllabus, many aspirants fail to clear the Mains. The same is true because, in Mains, aspirants have difficulty understanding the questions, prioritise the content, have inefficient writing skills, and have weak time management.

In light of this, Vajiram & Ravi has developed the Mains Intensive Programme for CSE 2024 at Chennai centre that will assist students in mastering the skill of accurately answering questions and learning the craft of writing answers for the Mains 2024.  

With the help of multiple Tests and continuous Mentorship, this Mains Test Series Programme seeks to provide a coherent and coordinated preparation for UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam 2024.

This continuous and rigorous Test Series Programme will enable students to evaluate their preparation over the course of the year through a range of assessments and improve their preparation through ongoing mentoring from subject-matter experts.

Mains Intensive Programme Test Series Schedule 2024

Given the extensive time needed to prepare for Mains, the Main Intensive Programme will be administered in a detailed manner, where in the full syllabus of the UPSC CSE has been broken down into smaller modules, with detailed analysis of the topics therein.

The tests intend to help the students in inculcating the art of answer writing by rigorously testing the students every week, with a given amount of syllabus.

Starting June 2023 to January 2024, the series of 25 sectional test and followed by 4 full-length tests will assure thorough, organized, and rigorous testing to master significant and challenging concepts and improve understanding of the UPSC question patterns. To encourage answer writing in students and make them feel confident about the syllabus, the Subjective Assessment Tests (For Mains) will be held for 10 questions each in the tests.

Features of Mains Intensive Programme Test Series 2024

  • Duration: 7+ months.    
  • Commences on: 18th June 2023
  • No. of Tests: Total 25 Subjective Tests (10 questions) + 4 Full length Tests
  • Mode: Both online and offline modes will be available.
  • Evaluation will be completed within 7 to 10 days of submission         
  • Constructive and personalised feedback, followed by mentorship sessions, will be provided to enhance the student's ability to write answers effectively and holistically.              

Mentor Support and Guidance

In order to develop a personalised strategy for each student, a specialised team of mentors will be available throughout the programme. They will evaluate the performance and fine-tune the approach toward the exam:

  • Recognising the strengths and offering suggestions on how to build on them. 
  • Identifying the shortcomings and suggesting ways to improve them.
  • Aid with answer writing strategies and advancement.
  • Assisting with individualized strategic planning to strengthen the Main Exam preparations.

Mentor support is offered in offline, online, and telephonic modes.

Why choose the CSAT Classroom Course?

Most aspirants put off studying for the CSAT exam, devoting 80% of their preparation time to General Studies. Only later do they realize how important qualifying the CSAT Paper is and that they ought to have given it more attention.

Aspirants should be aware that they just need to achieve 33% of the total marks to qualify the CSAT paper. It's crucial to understand that their performance on the General Studies Paper-I will signify nothing (even if they receive a strong score such as 120/200), if they receive anything less than 33% on the CSAT Paper. As a result, it is imperative to give the CSAT paper adequate priority.


According to our observations, the aspirants encounter the following significant challenges:

  • Aspirants prioritise studying for General Studies Paper I and, during the Prelims exam, fail to qualify the CSAT Paper, which prevents their names from appearing on the Prelims Selection List.
  • Inadequate preparation results from aspirants' poor understanding of the CSAT syllabus.
  • Because it is a qualifying exam, aspirants treat it casually and only realise their misjudgment after it is too late.
  • The skills and shortcuts needed to effectively attempt the paper and qualify the exam aren't entirely possessed by aspirants.


How will the CSAT Classroom Course help you?

In accordance with the requirements of the UPSC Civil Services Exam, a set of questions from the Civil Services Aptitude Test is made to ascertain an aspirant's level of intelligence, and the results give a complete picture of that aspirant’s aptitude.

The CSAT Classroom Course will benefit students in a variety of ways, including by enabling conceptual clarity, prompt and efficient learning, and instilling necessary skills and strategies.

The Course will assist students in the following ways: 

  • It will assist the students in efficiently and effectively completing the full CSAT curriculum.
  • It assists the students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.
  • It will assist the students in developing basic and difficult concepts with clarity.
  • The classes will give students access to tried-and-true tactics that have been collected over many years by the subject experts.
  • The degree of preparation will be raised, increasing the likelihood that aspirants will qualify the CSAT paper and, as a result, the UPSC CSE Prelims 2024.
  • The aspirants will feel more confident and be more prepared for the UPSC CSE Prelim Test 2024.


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