Prelims Guide Mentorship Programme

by Vajiram & Ravi




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Prelims Guide Mentorship Programme

About Prelims Guide Mentorship Programme

Embark on Your Journey to UPSC Prelims Success with Our Exclusive Prelims Mentorship Programme. 

UPSC Prelims Guide Mentorship Program, is designed to empower aspirants with a comprehensive and strategic approach to conquer the challenging UPSC Preliminary Examination. This unique program is meticulously crafted to address the core aspects crucial for success, providing you with the tools and insights needed to navigate the UPSC Prelims with confidence and precision.


Course Overview

1. Previous Year Question Analysis (PYQs) - The Cornerstone of Success

  • Delve into an in-depth analysis of the previous 10 years' question papers to understand UPSC Prelims algorithm and innovation patterns.
  • Master unconventional question-solving techniques.
  • Prioritize your study investments by understanding the recurring themes in each subject every year.

2. Weekly Sessions for Accuracy Boosting

  • Efficient brainstorming for diverse question types.
  • Maximize accuracy with practical strategies.
  • Explore a curated set of elimination strategies, honed by analyzing the last decade's general trends in UPSC Prelims.
  • Skill and mindset development to qualify prelims, regardless of any past setbacks.
  • Key pitfalls to avoid in Prelims preparation and Exam Hall

3. How to utilize Mock Test

  • Understand the relevance of Prelims mock tests and their significance in UPSC preparation.
  • Learn how to use mock tests effectively and manage your time.
    • Number of tests to be solved before Prelims, How to make notes from Mock tests, Revision strategy etc.
  • Gain insights into handling doubts and myths related to mock test marks.

4. Effective Notes Making from the right Resources

  • Embrace the philosophy of 'anekantvad' in resource utilization.
  • Master the art of effective note-making to streamline your preparation.

5. Telegram Group - A Hub of Support and Discipline

  • Access a structured timetable for 2024 with regular updates.
  • Foster a disciplined study environment through daily target updates.
  • Seek assistance for academic doubts and UPSC-related queries.

6. CSAT Preparatory Sessions and Guidance

  • Sharpen your CSAT skills for optimal performance.

7. Maximize your Current Affairs Score

  • How to cover Current affairs holistically for maximum output.



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