Forestry Optional for Indian Forest Service (IFoS) Exam 2024 – Batch 2

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement

2nd October 2024




1 Month


Rs. 21,000 (Incl. GST)

Course Time

8:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Forestry Optional for Indian Forest Service (IFoS) Exam 2024 – Batch 2


This batch suits those who prepare exclusively for IFoS examination 2024 after CSE 2024. 


  • Printed subject book will be provided.
  • Classroom Program is inclusive of 6 tests (4 sectional tests & 2 full length tests)
  • Classroom Program is inclusive of Daily Answer Writing Practice.
  • Class will also cover discussion on UPSC PYQ
  • Class will cover both core forestry subjects and enable one to the dynamic pattern change of UPSC Forestry question paper of last 5 years.
  • Science optional answer writing is unique compared to writing a non-science optional paper. The classroom program will Impart the Skill of writing science in optional papers to the candidate.
  • Strengthening the subject knowledge and interlinking the subjects to score high marks.
  • One on one discussion and mentoring with the faculty either in personal or via call whenever required.

 Class details :

  • Class starts on 02nd October and ends by 31st October 2024.
  • Classes - 3 Days a week – Wednesday & Thursday, Friday
  • Class timing: 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. with 30 min break
  • Classes would be held in both Offline cum Online class modes at Delhi Centre.

Classes available in offline, online and hybrid mode.

Test schedule for classroom program

  • Total of 6 tests. 4 sectional tests and 2 full tests. 
  • All tests answer paper will be evaluated and feedback will be provided within the timeline of maximum 10 days from the date of your submission.
  • Students can write the test up to 3 days from the scheduled date. Submission after deadline is not entertained.
  • Test discussion by the optional faculty through recorded video. 
  • One on one discussion and mentoring either personally or via call whenever required.

Daily answer writing schedule

  • Daily answer writing starts on 01st November and ends on 20th November 2023.
  • Test discussion for daily answer writing practice by the optional faculty will be provided through the live online discussion and recorded video.

Vajiram & Ravi Forestry Class schedule*


Orientation session on how to score marks in science paper and PYQ analysis.


3.04/10/24Friday Silviculture
4.9/10/24WednesdayForest Ecology, Silviculture System
5.10/10/24ThursdaySilviculture System
6.11/10/24FridayMangroves and Cold Desert, Agroforestry, Social Forestry, JFM, Tribology
7.16/10/24WednesdayForest Mensuration
8.17/10/24ThursdayForest Management
9.18/10/24Friday Working plan & Forest Surveying
10.23/10/24WednesdayForest Soils, Soil Conservation, & Watershed Management
11.24/10/24ThursdayTree Improvement and Seed Technology
12.25/10/24FridayForest Resources and Utilization
13.30/10/24WednesdayForest Protection & Forest Legislation
14.31/10/24ThursdayMiscellaneous Important Topics

Vajiram & Ravi Forestry test batch for classroom program

S. noDateSyllabusDiscussion venue
1After completion of portionPaper 1 (Section ASilviculture, Silviculture-Systems, Silviculture – Mangrove and Cold desert, Silviculture of trees)Recorded video
2After completion of portionPaper 1 (Section B - Agroforestry, Social Forestry, Joint Forest Management and Tribology, Forest Soils, soil Conservation and Watershed Management, Environmental Conservation and Biodiversity, Tree Improvement and Seed Technology)Recorded video
3After completion of portionPaper 2 (Section A - Forest Mensuration and Remote Sensing, Forest Management and Management Systems, Forest Working Plan, Surveying and Forest Engineering)Recorded video
4After completion of portionPaper 2 (Section B- Forest Ecology and Ethnobotany, Forest Resources and Utilization, Forest Protection & wildlife Biology, Forest Economics and Legislation)Recorded video
515-11-24Paper 1 – ForenoonRecorded video
615-11-24Paper 2 - AfternoonRecorded video

V&R - Exclusive Forestry Daily Answer Writing Program for IFS 2024

  • Daily answer writing starts on 01st November and ends on 20th November 2024
  • 3 questions per day (30 to 45 marks)
  • Questions will be uploaded in the portal for the scheduled syllabus or portion daily.
  • Test discussion will be hybrid mode. (live session or recorded video)
  • Test answer discussion will be held live or by recorded video, which will take place on 4.30 pm on the same day of the test.

Forestry Daily Answer Writing Schedule

S noDateSyllabus / topic
1.01-11-24Basic silviculture, Natural regeneration and artificial regeneration, nursery techniques
2.02-11-24General silvicultural operations, Afforestation, cultural operations and tending operations
3.03-11-24Clear felling system, shelterwood system (all types), Selection system of high forest
4.04-11-24Accessory systems of high forest, all coppice forest systems, and conversion
5.05-11-24Silviculture of mangrove and cold desert, silviculture of tree species
6.06-11-24Forest mensuration – diameter, height and form factor
7.07-11-24forest mensuration – age and volume, Working plan
8.08-11-24Forest biometry and inventory - entire topic
9.09-11-24Forest management – rotation, growth of stand, increment, normal and abnormal forest.
10.10-11-24Forest management – yield, yield regulation, site quality, yield table
11.11-11-24Working plan and Forest survey
12.12-11-24Agroforestry and social forestry
13.13-11-24Joint forest management, forest soils and water shed management
14.14-11-24Tree breeding and improvement - entire topic
15.15-11-24Study break / test
16.16-11-24Forest ecology - entire topic
17.17-11-24Logging and wood science (basics of wood science, seasoning and types, sawing techniques, classification of timber)
18.18-11-24Wood science –wood defects, drying defects, wood preservation, manufactured wood
19.19-11-24Forest protection – entire topic
20.20-11-24Legislation – entire topic


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