VTS Exclusive Forestry Test batch program for IFoS 2024 - Batch-II

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement

2nd Oct 2024(Test) | 1st Nov 2024 (Daily Answer Writing)




Rs 7500/ (Inc. GST)

VTS Exclusive Forestry Test batch program for IFoS 2024 - Batch-II


This batch suits for those who already prepared for IFS examination, needs only writing practice and prepare for IFS examination 2024 after CSE 2024. 


  • Test starts on 02nd October, 2024
  • Available offline in Delhi & Chennai and in online mode.
  • Total of 6 tests. 4 sectional tests and 2 full tests.
  • All tests answer paper will be evaluated and feedback will be provided within the timeline of maximum 10 days from the date of your submission.
  • Students can write the test up to 3 days from the scheduled date.
  • Test discussion by the optional faculty through recorded video.
  • One on one discussion and mentoring either in personal or via call whenever required.

Question paper to the dynamic pattern change of UPSC Forestry question paper of last 5 years.

Daily answer writing schedule

  • Daily answer writing starts on 01st November and ends on 20th November 2024.
  • Test discussion for daily answer writing practice by the optional faculty will be provided through the live online discussion and recorded video.

Vajiram & Ravi Forestry exclusive test batch

S. noDateSyllabusDiscussion venue
102/10/24Paper 1 (Section ASilviculture, Silviculture-Systems, Silviculture – Mangrove and Cold desert, Silviculture of trees)Recorded video
209/10/24Paper 1 (Section B - Agroforestry, Social Forestry, Joint Forest Management and Tribology, Forest Soils, soil Conservation and Watershed Management, Environmental Conservation and Biodiversity, Tree Improvement and Seed Technology)Recorded video
323/09/24Paper 2 (Section A - Forest Mensuration and Remote Sensing, Forest Management and Management Systems, Forest Working Plan, Surveying and Forest Engineering)Recorded video
430/09/24Paper 2 (Section B- Forest Ecology and Ethnobotany, Forest Resources and Utilization, Forest Protection & wildlife Biology, Forest Economics and Legislation)Recorded video
515-10-24Paper 1 – ForenoonRecorded video
615-10-24Paper 2 – AfternoonRecorded video

V&R - Exclusive Forestry Daily Answer Writing Program for IFS 2024

  • Daily answer writing starts on 01st November and ends on 20th November 2024 
  • 3 questions per day (30 to 45 marks)
  • Questions will be uploaded in the portal for the scheduled syllabus or portion daily.
  • Test discussion will be hybrid mode. (live session or recorded video)
  • Test answer discussion will be held live or by recorded video, which will take place on 4.30 pm am on the same day of the test.

Forestry Daily Answer Writing Schedule

S noDateSyllabus / topic
1.01-11-24Basic silviculture, Natural regeneration and artificial regeneration, nursery techniques
2.02-11-24General silvicultural operations, Afforestation, cultural operations and tending operations
3.03-11-24Clear felling system, shelterwood system (all types), Selection system of high forest
4.04-11-24Accessory systems of high forest, all coppice forest systems, and conversion
5.05-11-24Silviculture of mangrove and cold desert, silviculture of tree species
6.06-11-24Forest mensuration – diameter, height and form factor
7.07-11-24forest mensuration – age and volume, Working plan
8.08-11-24Forest biometry and inventory - entire topic
9.09-11-24Forest management – rotation, growth of stand, increment, normal and abnormal forest.
10.10-11-24Forest management – yield, yield regulation, site quality, yield table
11.11-11-24Working plan and Forest survey
12.12-11-24Agroforestry and social forestry
13.13-11-24Joint forest management, forest soils and water shed management
14.14-11-24Tree breeding and improvement - entire topic
15.15-11-24Study break / test
16.16-11-24Forest ecology - entire topic
17.17-11-24Logging and wood science (basics of wood science, seasoning and types, sawing techniques, classification of timber)
18.18-11-24Wood science –wood defects, drying defects, wood preservation, manufactured wood
19.19-11-24Forest protection – entire topic
20.20-11-24Legislation – entire topic


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