Mathematics Mains Optional Test Series 2023

by Vajiram & Ravi

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About the V&R Mathematics Optional Test Series 2023

Mathematics Optional Subject Paper I & Paper II can alter the outcome of the UPSC CSE Main Exam by  improving your score, and increasing your chances of being shortlisted for the Personality Test. 

To enhance the likelihood of this happening, you must make every effort to improve your writing abilities, knowledge, answer structure, and time management.


The V&R Mathematics Optional Test Series Programme 2023 comprises both Full-length and Sectional Tests, which aid students in their comprehensive preparation for the UPSC Civil Services Main Exam 2023.


The focus of the Programme is to aid  students in mastering the Art of Answer Writing.

Features of the V&R Mathematics Optional Test Series 2023

  • Duration: 03 months
  • No. of Tests: 06 Total Tests comprising  04 Sectional Tests and 02 Full-Length Tests
  • Mode: Both online and offline modes will be available
  • Questions: Based on the UPSC CSE pattern and curated by highly qualified and experienced faculty
  • Evaluation: 
    • Evaluation process focuses on assessing the answers on three dimensions:
      • Accuracy
      • Concepts
      • Structure/Presentation
    • Answer sheets are evaluated using a tiered system that offers many levels of assessment and cross-checking to improve the evaluation's depth.

Evaluator - Reviewer - Final Markup

  • Focus: Ensures that the students' ability to write answers is improved in a sustainable and comprehensive manner
  • Feedback: Constructive and personalised feedback will be provided to enhance the student's ability to write answers effectively and holistically
  • Test Discussion: Thorough Test Discussion by the optional faculty.
  • Model answers/solution sets for all the exams will be provided.
  • List of important theorems/questions from all the 13 modules will be shared.
  • Orientation session would highlight and explain the importance of writing in steps. Aim is to improve answer writing skills there by doing value addition to answer, leading to improved score.

Date of Commencement

  • 15th June, 2023

Mode of Test Series

  • Available in both Online and Offline Mode

Fee Structure (Inclusive of GST)

  • Rs. 12,000/-




Test No.


Discussion Date

15th June 2023

Online Interactive Orientation Session

Maths optional

No Discussion

16th June 2023


Paper-I Section-A

23rd June 2023

30th June 2023


Paper-I Section-B

07th July 2023

14th July 2023


Paper-II Section-A

21st July 2023

28th July 2023


Paper-II Section-B

04th August 2023

11th August 2023


Paper-I Full Course

No Discussion

25th August 2023


Paper-I Full Course

No Discussion

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