Psychology Optional Mains Test Series 2023

by Vajiram & Ravi

Distinguishing Features

  • Duration: 03 months
  • No. of Tests: 07 Total Tests comprising  05 Sectional Tests and 02 Full-Length Tests
  • Mode: Both online and offline modes will be available
  • Questions: Questions are curated by highly skilled faculties who not only keep themselves abreast with CURRENT UPSC PATTERN but also focus on probable questions for upcoming years.


  • Evaluation:
    • Evaluation process focuses on assessing the answers on three dimensions:


      • Content, under which the conceptual clarity is vividly checked.
      • Structure, which is consonant with maximising the marks of students.
      • Flow, which keeps the examiner enchanted while reading the whole answer.


    • Answer sheets are evaluated using a 3 tiered system that offers many levels of assessment and cross-checking to improve the depth of evaluation.


Evaluator - Reviewer - Final Markup


  • Focus: Focal point of the test series is to enhance the student's ability systemically in order to ensure a comprehensive and marks fetching answer sustainably.


  • Feedback: Precise, Constructive and personalised feedback will be provided to enhance the student's ability to write answers effectively and holistically.


  • Test Discussion: Elaborative Test Discussion by the eminent faculties of psychology optional.

Date of Commencement

  • 25th June, 2023

Mode of Test Series

  • Available in both Online and Offline Mode

Fee Structure (Inclusive of GST)

  • Rs. 12,000/-




Test No.


Discussion Date

25th June, 2023


Cognitive Psychology:

Learning, Memory, Thinking and Problem Solving, Sensation Attention and Perception, Intelligence and Aptitude, Artificial intelligence,

Language and Communication

2nd July  2023

9th July, 2023


Social and Development Psychology:

Development of Human Behaviour, Attitude, values and interests, Psychological problems of social integration, Application of Psychology to Disadvantaged Groups

16th july, 2023

23 rd July, 2023


Personality, Motivation and Abnormal Psychology:

Personality, Motivation and Emotion, Mental Disorders, Therapies and Rehabilitation, Community Psychology, Psychology and Economic Development

30th July, 2023

6th August, 2023


Methods, Statistics and Measurement:

Methods of Psychology, Research Methods, Psychological Measurement of Individual Differences, Measurement of Personality, Measurement of Attitude, Measurement of Intelligence

13th August, 2023

20th Aug,  2023


Applied Psychology and Miscellaneous topics:

Introduction, Issues and Perspectives in Modern Contemporary Psychology, Work Psychology, Education Psychology, IT and Mass Media, Environment Psychology, Gender Psychology, Military, Sports, Media and Psychology of Terrorism.

27th Aug, 2023

4th September

Test-06 and Test 07

Paper-1 and Paper- 2 Full Length

   No Discussion









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