Sure-Shot Mains 2024 - FLT Plus Sectional

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement

23rd June 2024


Offline & Online


3 Months


Rs. 20,000 (Incl. GST)

Sure-Shot Mains 2024 - FLT Plus Sectional

About Sure-Shot Mains Programme 2024

Exclusive Mains Program Now Open for everyone:

Merely learning the syllabus is not enough when it comes to Mains answer writing. You may have all the knowledge but struggle to deliver it effectively on the answer sheet. Writing mediocre answers won't suffice; you need to score at least 425+ marks to make it to the final list in UPSC CSE.

"Sureshot Mains 2024 is meticulously crafted to integrate Mains preparation from the very first day of your UPSC preparation. This innovative program ensures a comprehensive, integrated, and effective preparation strategy that aligns with the critical importance of the Mains exam in determining your rank and eventual selection.

Previously exclusive to UPSC veterans, this elite program is now open to all UPSC aspirants , offering a structured path to becoming 'Mains ready' just after prelims. Even The Hindu has acknowledged the methodology and success rate of Sajal sir led Mains program.

"Delaying Mains answer writing is like postponing success. An early start to an answer writing (Mains + Prelims) is essential for a solid foundation for Top-50 ranker level preparation”

- Sajal Singh sir (Program Director, Sure-Shot mains and Mentor of 400+ IAS rankers)





  1. Evidence-Based Test Series:
  • 20 Comprehensive Tests: 8 sectional tests covering full the syllabus, and 12 complete tests spanning the entire syllabus.
  • Our Unique Methodology utilizes previous years' question analysis and syllabus keywords to mirror exam patterns and difficulty, blending basic and applied questions to hone your conceptual clarity and application skills.
  • Model answers indicate the expectations UPSC examiner has from your answers. Also, the model answers specify the relevance of each question asked in our test series, indicating its correspondence to the PYQ based on which it is asked.
  • Based on best answer writing practices they include maps, figures and schematics wherever they are needed.
  1. Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage (GS and Current Affairs):

Through a strategically designed test timetable our program ensures comprehensive coverage of the UPSC GS Mains syllabus, including current affairs. This test timetable systematically divides the syllabus to ensure timely completion and allows for multiple revisions. Additionally, our personalized post-test mentorship and strategy sessions offer tailored strategies for the right approach to mastering the syllabus.

  1. UPSC Level Evaluation:


  • Timely feedback within 7 working days from senior evaluators with multiple UPSC Interview experience. This rigorous evaluation process aims for high scores by focusing on quality and improvement.
  • Our evaluation focuses on multiple dimensions and parameters like structure, flow, presentation, contextuality, relevance to question, analytical excellence, and cross-domain inter-linkages
  • Our mains evaluators have consistently scored 420+ in GS Mains.
  1. Personalised attention: One-to-One Mentorship and Vajiram’s hand holding
  • One-to-one mentoring sessions and group discussions after every test offer personalised guidance, focusing on question-by-question analysis, improvement suggestions, and best practices, ensuring continuous progress.
  • Vajiram and Ravi’s mentors have multiple UPSC interview experience.
  1. Group Sessions by Sajal Singh sir (Mentor of 400+Rankers)

In these regular sessions Sir will share the wisdom of his 400+ mentees who have scored top ranks in UPSC exam. In these sessions he will discuss the ideal approach and sources for each subject and discuss micro aspects of answer writing like topper level introduction, main-body and conclusion template for each subject.

  1. IAS/IPS strategy sessions for content enrichment and answer writing improvement:
  • Exclusive Zoom sessions by IAS and IPS rankers, to refine writing skills and expand content knowledge.
  1. Tracking Progress and Performance:

Through All India Ranking, sharing the best copy after each test, and personalized report cards we ensure to monitor progress and enhance performance strategically.

  1. Mains Toolkits and Vajiram and Ravi’s Resources:

Access to extensive resources including the student portal, monthly current affairs magazine "The Recitals," Prelims Pointers, specialized Mains workbooks and Sajal sir’s Mains toolkits.



Program Inclusion

  • Mains Test Series: 20 Tests (8 Sectional Test, 12 Complete Tests)
    • 8 Sectional tests are 20 questions tests covering full syllabus of each GS paper
    • Complete tests are full length tests covering the entire syllabus of each GS paper
  • One-to-one mentorship and post-test evaluation sessions
  • Post-test group discussions to discuss every question and best approach
  • 10 IAS and IPS Topper’ Strategy and value addition sessions for answer enrichment
  • Regular strategy session by Sajal Singh sir, the mentor of AIR 16, 20, 22, and many more
  • Detailed and UPSC-level evaluation with timely feedback (7 days)
  • Progress and performance tracking with All India Ranking and personalized report cards
  • Relevant study material and resources like monthly current affairs magazine "The Recitals," Prelims Pointers, plus specialized Mains workbooks and Sajal sir’s Mains toolkits.
  • Access to Vajiram and Ravi’s Student portal






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