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Sure-Shot Mains for Seniors 2024 (Batch II)

by Vajiram & Ravi

Date of Commencement

30th June 2024 (For 12 Tests) | 23rd June 2024 (For 20 Tests)


Offline & Online


3 Months


Rs 11800/ - Inc. GST(For 12 Tests) | Rs 20000/ - Inc. GST(For 20 Tests)

Sure-Shot Mains for Seniors 2024 (Batch II)

About Sure-Shot Mains Programme 2024

Unlearn, Learn, and Succeed in UPSC Mains 2024 

The Mains 2023 results are out and only 2,916 out of 14,600 candidates made it to the final list. If you missed the cut-off by a narrow margin despite your hard work, you might feel frustrated and confused. You might wonder what went wrong and what to do next. The UPSC Mains GS Papers require you to write precise and relevant answers within a limited word count and time duration. Many aspirants have the required knowledge and information, but fail to convey it effectively on the answer sheet. Are you one of them? If yes, then you need the Sure-shot Mains Mentorship Programme by Vajiram & Ravi. 

Sure-Shot Mains Programme is specially designed for aspirants who have faced setbacks in their Mains attempts, but are determined to achieve their UPSC dream. The Programme will help you to improve your answer writing skills, master the UPSC Mains GS Papers I,II, III and IV, and devise the right strategy for the Mains exam under the expert guidance of Mr. Sajal Singh. He has personally mentored more than 400+ rankers in the past 6 years. 

Recognized by The Hindu for its high success rate, the enrolment is open for only 50 students by invite only. The programme will help you to unlearn your old habits and learn the best practices for the Mains exam 2024. You will also benefit from the experiences and insights of the successful toppers of UPSC CSE, who have overcome failures and disappointments in their previous attempts. Only 50 students will be admitted to the programme through invite only.

Features of Sure-Shot Mentorship Programme 2024

Sure-Shot Mains Programme by Vajiram and Ravi is the ultimate course for aspirants who want to crack the UPSC Mains Examination 2024. One needs to keep in mind that Answer writing is ultimately an art. It takes time in its development and hence requires not only patience and perseverance from the aspirants but also the right guidance in this journey.

  1. Tests: Benefit from 12 / 20 comprehensive tests, including sectional and full-length assessments, refining your proficiency under exam conditions.
  2. Current Affairs Mastery: Current Affairs Lectures covering all the important topics relevant for UPSC Main Examination 2024
  3. Holistic Coverage: Lectures focus on Mains Probable topics, encompassing contemporary, static, and PYQ based subjects.
  4. Personalised Mentoring + Progress report card: Receive a detailed progress report after each test, coupled with one-on-one mentorship sessions with Mr. Sajal Singh for in-depth analysis and answer refinement after every three tests.
  5. Weekly Group Mentorship: Participate in weekly sessions for doubt resolution and UPSC Mains strategic discussions.
  6. Interaction with Rank holders: Benefit from fortnightly interactions with rank-holders, IAS, IPS officers, gaining insights from their experiences.
  7. Quality Instructions by Rank holders : Polish your answer writing skills with online classes conducted by IAS and IPS officers, ensuring the development of this crucial art.
  8. Resource Access: Avail yourself - the Vajiram & Ravi App's student portal, monthly current affairs magazine "The Recitals"  and Prelims Pointers One-Pager Booklet providing comprehensive support for UPSC Main Examination preparation. 

What makes Sure-Shot Mentorship Programme Unique?

  1. Enrollment through invite only:  The program is designed to ensure that you are not just a face in the crowd but a name and a mission for us. You will receive an invitation to join the program, which means that you will be part of a select group of students who are serious about their preparation. 
  2. Limited seats: Only 50 students can join the program because there are limited seats. Sure-Shot Mains is a personalised program that aims to give individual attention to each student.
  3. Personalised attention: The program offers tailor-made guidance with one-on-one interactions with Sajal sir. This means that you will receive personalised attention and guidance that is tailored to your specific needs.
  4. Focused strategy: The program offers a personalised study plan crafted based on your strengths and weaknesses. This means that you will receive a study plan that is tailored to your specific needs and designed to help you achieve your goals.
  5. In-depth analysis: Sajal sir will be meticulously analysing your mains scorecards and test copies to fill in those critical gaps in your preparation. This means that you will receive detailed feedback on your performance and guidance on how to improve.

How to Enrol?

To enrol, candidates must email their Previous Year Mains Marks Sheet or a copy of their last Mock Test to the following email id:

After evaluation, the selected candidates will receive an invite on their registered email and a phone number to confirm their enrolment in the Programme.

Embark on your journey to UPSC Mains success with the Sure-Shot Mentorship Programme—where dedication meets personalised excellence. Unlearn, learn, and succeed in 2024!



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