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Geography Optional Coaching

About UPSC Geography Optional

Geography is the study of Earth’s landscapes, climates, and human societies, offering insights into contemporary issues like resource management and urbanization. Opting for Geography as an Optional Subject provides a holistic perspective on our world. It's a subject that is both scientific, humanistic and multifaceted, suitable for various educational backgrounds, from engineers to arts enthusiasts, requiring only an analytical mindset. 

Our Geography Optional Classes led by Mr.Md. Rizwan, Mr.Shiv Arpit Sir and Ms.Vaishali Anand Ma'am are designed with a unique approach, focusing on specific modules and clear objectives. The classes start with introductory sessions, build on foundational concepts, and progress to advanced learning stages.

Understanding Geography Optional Syllabus

Geography Optional Syllabus for UPSC Civil Services Examination is extensive and can be broadly divided into three parts: Physical Geography, Human Geography and Indian Geography. Paper 1 is more concept based and primarily focuses on Physical and Human Geography concepts, while Paper 2 is more application based and delves deeper into the geographical aspects of India.

Paper 1

Geography Optional Paper 1 delves into the fundamental principles of geography, encompassing both physical and human geography. 

  • Part A-The Physical Geography section covers topics such as geomorphology, climatology, oceanography, biogeography, and environmental geography. These areas explore the earth's landforms, climate patterns, ocean systems, ecosystems, and the interaction between human activities and the environment. 
  • On the other hand, Part B- The Human Geography section offers insights into perspectives in human geography, economic geography, population and settlement geography, regional planning, and models, theories, and laws in human geography. These aspects shed light on the spatial organization of human activities, economic development patterns, demographic trends, urbanization, and regional disparities.

Paper 2

Geography Optional Paper 2 is more region-specific and delves deeper into the geographical aspects of India, covering various dimensions of its physical and human geography. 

PART A-The Physical Setting section encompasses the geographical features of India, including its relief, drainage systems, climatic patterns, and natural vegetation. Resources are another crucial aspect, encompassing land, water, energy, minerals, and agricultural and industrial resources. Agriculture, industry, transport, communication, and trade are explored to understand India's economic landscape and development patterns. 

PART-B- The Cultural Setting section delves into India's diverse cultural and demographic landscape, including historical perspectives, ethnic diversities, population attributes, and settlement patterns. Lastly, Regional Development and Planning addresses issues such as regional disparities, development strategies, and political aspects, offering insights into India's regional dynamics and policy frameworks. This paper requires more Map work while writing your answers during the Main Exam. 

NOTE: Candidates will be required to answer one compulsory map question pertinent to subjects covered by this paper.

Why Choose Geography as an Optional?

Our Geography Optional Subject Programme led by Md. Rizwan Sir, Mr. Shiv Arpit Sir and Ms. Vaishali Anand Ma'am aims to help you approach Geography subject in a scientific and logical manner which is easy to study and revise. Opting for Geography as an optional subject for the UPSC Civil Services Examination offers several compelling reasons:

  1. Scoring Potential: Geography is considered a high-scoring optional subject due to its logical and conceptual nature. With a clear understanding of the concepts and ample practice, candidates can score well in this subject.
  2. Overlap with General Studies: Geography overlaps significantly with the General Studies (GS) papers, particularly in topics like Indian and World Geography. This reduces the need for separate preparation and enhances efficiency.
  3. Interdisciplinary Nature: Geography encompasses aspects of physical, human, economic, and environmental geography, providing a comprehensive understanding of the world's spatial patterns and processes. This interdisciplinary approach enhances analytical skills and fosters a holistic perspective.
  4. Relevance to Current Affairs: Geography is inherently linked to current affairs, as it involves the study of contemporary issues such as climate change, environmental degradation, urbanization, and geopolitics. Understanding geographical concepts helps candidates interpret and analyze current events more effectively.
  5. Visual Representation: Geography involves the interpretation of maps, diagrams, and spatial data, which aids in visualizing and understanding complex concepts. This visual representation enhances clarity and retention of information.
  6. Real-world Application: Geography offers practical knowledge that is directly applicable to administrative roles. Understanding geographical factors is essential for formulating policies related to land use, resource management, disaster preparedness, and regional development.
  7. Availability of Resources: There is a wealth of study material, reference books, and online resources available for Geography, making it easier for candidates to access quality content and guidance for preparation.
  8. Personal Interest: Candidates with a genuine interest in understanding the Earth's physical and human landscapes, exploring different cultures and regions, and unraveling the complexities of spatial relationships often find Geography an engaging and fulfilling subject to study.


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