‘The expansion and strengthening of NATO and a stronger US-Europe strategic partnership works well in India.’ What is your opinion about this statement?


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The question “The expansion and strengthening of NATO and a stronger US-Europe strategic partnership works well in India.’ What is your opinion about this statement? Give reasons and examples to support your answer." was asked in the Mains 2023 GS Paper 2.  Let us look at the model answer to this question.

Answer: India a rising global player, seeks strong relations with the West to uphold a rules-based, fair, and enduring global order.

A strengthened NATO and an intensified US-Europe partnership presents both opportunities and challenges for India's evolving strategic interests in a multi-polar world.

NATO expansion and strengthening are working well for India:

  • Counterterrorism Collaboration: India can gain from NATO's counterterrorism expertise through intelligence-sharing and joint operations.
    • For example, NATO's partnership with Afghanistan in combating terrorism and insurgency.
  • Support for International Norms: India's alignment with NATO on international norms is evident in cooperation on maritime security.
    • For example, supporting India's SAGAR vision to combat piracy and illegal activities in the Indian Ocean.
  • Capacity Building and Training: Can leverage NATO's expertise in training and capacity building for its armed forces.
    • For example, India has participated in NATO-led exercises and training programs.
  • Defense Technology and Cooperation:
    • For example, India's acquisitions of Apache helicopters and P-8 Poseidon aircraft from NATO members.

Strong US-Europe strategic partnership works well in India

  • Defense and Security Cooperation: Closer ties between the US and Europe can lead to enhanced defense and security cooperation, which can indirectly benefit India's security interests.
    • For example, NATO's continued relevance can contribute to regional stability, indirectly affecting India's security in South Asia.
  • Technology and Innovation: India can benefit from advanced technological development, fostering economic growth and innovation.
    • For example, India-US pact for the transfer of 80% of jet-engine technology by the value this year.
  • Climate Change and Environmental Cooperation: India can have access to International climate funds and advanced technologies for climate mitigation initiatives.
    • For example, the Cooperation in Paris Agreement.
  • Global Health Initiatives: The US and Europe can provide support, expertise, and resources to address healthcare challenges.
    • For example, India’s production of AstraZeneca vaccine under brand name CoviShield.

NATO Expansion and US-Europe Partnership: Concern for India

  • Balancing Challenges for India: NATO's expansion may strain India's Russian defence ties, while closer US-Europe cooperation could complicate India's balancing act with China, potentially impacting defence acquisitions like the S-400 missile system.
  • Regional Dynamics: Concerns may arise about how NATO expansion and the US-Europe partnership influence India's immediate neighbourhood.
    • For instance, these developments could impact India's relations with Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Trade and Economic Considerations: While a stable Europe is beneficial for trade, any trade disputes or economic policies resulting from the stronger US-Europe partnership could have consequences for India's economic interests in these regions.

India's evolving strategic priorities and how these developments impact regional dynamics. India's foreign policy decisions are influenced by a multitude of factors, and it often seeks a balanced approach to safeguard its interests in an evolving global landscape.