Andrographis theniensis

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A new plant species has been discovered in Theni district of Tamil Nadu in the Western Ghats by a research student from Wanaparthy.

About Andrographis theniensis

  • It is a plant, which was named ‘Andrographis theniensis’ after the location (Theni).
  • The new plant resembles Andrographis megamalayana.
  • It has glabrous leaves and stems, a nine-veined lower lip, pale yellowish sparse hair on the middle lobe of the lower lip and yellow anther.
  • Andrographis is a tropical Asian genus native to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the West Himalaya.
  • However, a majority of Andrographis taxa are distributed in southern India and Sri Lanka, particularly in Western and Eastern Ghats.
  • There are nearly 25 Andrographis species in India.
  • Uses: This genus is traditionally used to treat various ailments such as cold, cough, fever, jaundice, diarrhoea, cardiovascular and hepatic diseases in both codified and non-codified medicinal systems.

Q1) What is Andrographis paniculata?

It is a medicinal herb cultivated in South Asia. In the United States, supplements made from this herb are used to relieve respiratory infections and inflammatory conditions.

Source: New plant species discovered in Western Ghats by T researcher