Prelims: Environment & Ecology

by Vajiram & Ravi

Dance to Decarbonise
Hoolock Gibbon
What is the Pink Bollworm?
Carbon Emissions of the World’s Richest People
What is Cold Lava?
Golden Jackal
Kanha Tiger Reserve
People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR)
What is Dieback Disease?
Great Knot
Agulhas long-billed lark
About Microplastics
Sariska Tiger Reserve
Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing
Red-headed vulture is critically endangered
What is Doha Political Declaration?
Key Facts about Indian Pangolin
International Single Species Action Plan
What are Eco-Sensitive Zones (ESZ)?
Where is Pindari Glacier?
What is Eucalyptus?
Solar Decathlon India (SDI) Design Challenge for Net-Zero Future Proof Building 2022-2023
Ashtamudi Lake
What is Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)?
Fimbristylis jaleeliana
What are Caddisflies?
International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem 2023
What is Melanochlamys Droupadi?
Air Pollution
What is African Animal Trypanosomosis?
Madhav National Park
Borthekera is endemic to southeast asia.
Point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary
Himalayan serow
Soil Carbon Stability
Constructed wetlands
Egyptian Vulture
Red-eared Sliders Turtle
Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
What is EEAT?
Red Tide
Blue dragons
Allmania multiflora
Fish Otolith
What is Sperm Whale?
What is Gomphonema rajaguruii?
Carbon nanoflorets
Reticulated python
Pedicularis Revealiana
What is Dumbo Octopus?
What is Corporate Average Fuel Economy?
What is Wolf 1069 b?
What is Thyreus Narendrani?
Prosopis Chilensis
Chilika Lake
UNESCO World Heritage list
Aldabra rail
What are Rangelands?
What is Campi Flegrei?
What is the Heat Index?
Atlantic Menhaden
What is "Urea Gold"?
Great Indian Bustard
Coral Reef Watch Programme
New jumping spiders
What is Trichoglossum?
Cold Wave Conditions in North India
White’s Seahorse
What is Fish Mint?
What is Sedge Warbler?
Himalayan Yak
What is De Winton’s Golden Mole?
New epiphytic plant
What are Pilot Whales?
What is Global Stocktake?
Slender Loris
What is Humid Heat?
What are Right Whales?
Global Environment Facility
What is Pumped Storage Hydro Power (PSH)?
Yangtze Finless Porpoise
Floating Trash Barrier
Facts About Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary
National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)
What is Stratospheric Aerosol Intervention (SAI)
Bandipur Tiger Reserve
What are Notified Disasters?
Biodiversity Heritage Site
Bent-toed Gecko
Greater Scaup
State of Global Air (SoGA) Report 2024
Laughing gull
Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary
Myristica Swamps
Nilgiri Tahr Conservation Project
What is Spotted Deer?
Invasive Alien Species
Bhoj wetland
Captive Asian Giant Tortoise juveniles released
What are Manatees?
Toque Macaque
Invasive mussel species in Ennore and Pulicat
Gandhamardan Hill
‘Odd-Even’ Vehicle Rationing Scheme
Facts about Kaziranga National Park
What are Milkweed Butterflies?
Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve
What are Aichi Targets?
Moyar Valley
Water Worlds 218 light years away detected
Key Facts about Great Barrier Reef
Blue Flag beaches
Debrigarh Tiger Reserve
What is a Lamprey Fish?
Indian Rhinoceros
Where is Sundarban Biosphere Reserve?
Indian Grey hornbill
What is the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi)?
Swamp deer
The Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection Program (GSLEP)
Clean Energy Transitions Programme
What is Exclusome?
Green India Mission
Indian Pangolin
Chitala Fish
LEED Certification
Himalayan griffon
What are Groynes?
What is SWOT?
About New Spider Species
Cycas Pectinata
Blue Leaders
National Tiger Conservation Authority
About Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary
What is Comb Jelly?
Atlantic Puffin
Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species
What is Watermeal?
Global Drought Snapshot report
Buff-breasted Sandpiper
Turquet's octopus
Keoladeo National Park
Taeniogonalos Deepaki
What is a Special Rupee Vostro Account (SRVA)?
What is Phtheirospermum lushaiorum?
New Species of Gecko
What is the Kendu Leaf?
What is American Foulbrood?
What are Aerogels?
Key Facts about Aravalli Range
Blue whale
What is Silver cockscomb?
Green Tug Transition Programme
What is Reducing Elephant-Human Attacks using Bees (RE-HAB) Project?
Binturong and Small clawed otter
New Coral Snake Species
Where is Groningen Gas Field?
About Pench Tiger Reserve
Picocystis Salinarum
Tiger orchids
Sultanpur National Park
What is Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG)?
Infrastructure Resilience Accelerator Fund (IRAF)
What is Black-crowned Night Heron?
What is Loss and damage fund?
Black-necked Stork
Indian Bisons
Santa Fe frog
Asian Waterbird Census 2023
International Cryosphere Climate Initiative
Melocanna Baccifera
Epithemis Wayanadensis
Li-ion Battery Recycling Technology
World Soil Day Celebration
Cymbidium Lancifolium
What are Fin Whales?
Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme (EIACP)
What is Bioluminescence?
Mekedatu Reservoir Project
What is Exostoma Dhritiae?
World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) 2024
What is Emperor Penguin
Allied Climate Partners
What is Global Greenhouse Gas Watch (GGGW)?
Ranthambore National Park
What are Sea Urchins?
Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for Environment)
Stingless bees
What are Diatoms?
Pashmina Shawls
What are Green Roofs?
Leatherback Sea turtle
About World Environment Day
What is Alpenglow?
Floral and Faunal Database
Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary
What is Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI)?
Nicobar Long-Tailed Macaque
What is Pink Dolphin?
What is Brumation?
Staghorn coral
What is Hasarius Mumbai?
What is Spot Bellied Eagle Owl?
Broadnose Sevengill Shark
What is a Thunderstorm?
Mauna Loa
What is FAME India Phase II?
What is Vaquita?
Key Facts about Futala Lake
What are Pelagic Birds?
What is the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT)?
Pappathi Chola
International Jaguar Day
What is the LiFE Mission?
What is Encephalartos Woodii?
Mudwani Dam Eco-park
Legal rights to non-humans
What are Sovereign Green Bonds (SGrBs)?
Middle East Green Initiative Summit
Project Cheetah
Grey Francolin
What is the Earth Hour?
Guindy National Park
Eurasian Griffon Vulture
Sustainable Development Report 2024
What are Slocum Gliders?
Global Tiger Recovery Program (GTRP)
How termite behaviour is linked to a warming world?
What is Snailfish?
Key Facts about Bharal and Himalayan Ibex
What is Vasuki Indicus?
Khavda Renewable Energy Park
What is Colour- Coded Weather Warning?
What is Manis Mysteria?
International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE)
Eravikulam National Park
Reef Sharks
White-tailed deer
What is Yellow Band Disease?
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) Scheme
Re-Hab Project
What is Precautionary Principle?
What is Coalition for Nature?
Carbon Border Adjustment Tax
Sardine run
What is coral cryopreservation?
What is Mangrove Pitta?
Asian Golden Cat
Iberian lynx
What is Long Period Average (LPA) of Rainfall?
Piarosoma arunachalensis
Olive Ridley Turtles
Kanger Valley Bird survey
King Penguin live on Antarctic and sub –Antarctic.
New Spider Species
Indian Grey wolf
Snow Leopard in India
Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary (SWL)
Spider Species
What is an Indian Skimmer?
What is Tibetan Brown Bear?
Green Voyage2050 Project
Eumasia venefica
Kashmir Stag
Mangrove Alliance for Climate (MAC)
Chamundi Hills
Himalayan Gray Langur
Cabomba furcuta
Indian Skimmers
Selection of ‘Conference of the Parties’ to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Host
Pterygotrigla intermedica
What is Soliga Ecarinata?
What is an Isopod?
What is the Earth System Model?
Global Resource Outlook
Kalanamak Rice
Saiga Antelope
Artificial Reef (AR)
Ophidascaris robertsi
Capulopsyche Keralensis
Sandalwood Spike Disease (SSD)
What are BS-VI Norms?
Rhino Horns
Cantor's Giant Softshell Turtle
Project Dolphin
Purple Frog
What is Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution?
Baiga Tribe
Schizostachyum andamanicum
What is Eurasian Otter?
What are Obelisks?
Long-tailed Ducks
Parambikulam Tiger Reserve
Tal Chhapar Sanctuary
Asiatic Water Snake
The 60th meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies (SB60)
Wandering albatrosses
World Standards Day 2022
Javan Rhinos
Key Facts about Garo Hills
Ivory trade
Ponmudi hills
Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group
Qanat system
Green Credit Programme
Electric eel
Global Alliance for Global Good - Gender Equity and Equality
Key Facts about Hermit Crab
What is Purse Seine Fishing?
Global Methane Tracker 2024
‘Loss and Damages’ fund
What is Badis limaakumi?
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
Coking Coal production in India
What are Ephemerals?
Migratory Bird Species
Leopard Toby Puffer Fish
Aldabra giant tortoise
Dancing frogs
Mahadayi River
Snow Leopard
What is Zombie fire?
What is Bomb Cyclone?
What is Euscorpiops Krachan?
About Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP)
World Earth Day 2024
High-Powered Committee on Wild Animals?
Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP)
What are Herons?
Soil Acidification
Sohagibarwa Wildlife Sanctuary
Tokhü Emong Bird Count (TEBC)
What is BioTRIG?
Assam Project on Forest and Biodiversity Conservation
Key Facts about Pallikaranai Marshland
What are Seaweeds?
Andrographis theniensis
What is the Leadership Group for Industry Transition (LeadIT) 2.0?
Indian Black Turtle
Katarniya Ghat Wildlife Sanctuary
Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
What is Carbon Dioxide Removal?
What is Neptis Philyra?
Singchung Bugun Village Community Reserve
Harit Sagar Guidelines
Where is the Kermadec Islands?
White Tufted Royal Butterfly
Indian Star Tortoise
Lesser Flamingo
What is Skink?
What are Kelp forests?
What is Seagrass?
Gangetic River Dolphin
Kappaphycus Alvarezii
Paintbrush swift butterfly
What is Allegator Gar?
International Cheetah Day Celebration
Black-necked Grebe
What is Soil Nailing?
Jangi Thopan Powari Hydroelectricity Project (JTP HEP)
What are Microplastics?
Silvopasture systems
Central Pollution Control Board
Neelakurinji Flower Blooms
What is Mexican Giant Turtle?
What is Cicada?
Jim Corbett National Park
Cuscuta dodder
STAR-C Initiative
Leith’s Soft-shelled Turtle
Key Facts about Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions
Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FDG)
Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary
Manipuri Pony
Partial Stubble Burning
Mytella strigata
Dusted Apollo
Sphaerotheca varshaabhu
What is Cnemaspis Vangoghi?
Nahargarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Pallas fish eagle
Nagarahole Tiger Reserve
What is a Butterfly Cicada?
What is Miyawaki Method?
Indian Black Honeybee
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
What is Badri cow?
What is Chytridiomycosis?
Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS)
Gekko Mizoramensis
What are Anoxic Marine Basins?
What is the “Meri LiFE” app?
Kalakkad–Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve
India Climate Energy Dashboard (ICED) 3.0
Bhitarkanika National Park
Gangetic dolphin
New Ramsar site
What are Hammerhead Sharks?
Kharai Camel
Sea Anemone
Orang National Park
4th Edition of Indian Chemicals Council Sustainability Conclave
Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action
Gorakhpur Nuclear Power Plant
Sponge farming
India’s DNA Vaccine against Dengue
Climate Services Report 2023
Golden Langurs
Haiderpur wetland
Trichrysis poseidonia
Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary
Baleen whale
Batagaika Crater
Vaquita Porpoise
Dimethyl Ether (DME)
Polar bears in Canada’s Western Hudson Bay dying at a fast rate
Caribbean false mussel
Painted Bat
Noble’s Helen Butterfly
Global Declaration for River Dolphins
Tilapia fish
The ‘Air of the Anthropocene’ initiative
International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)
Baobab Tree
Great Seahorse
Wetland City Accreditation
UN World Restoration Flagships
Just Energy Transition Partnership (JET-P)
What is Blackbuck?
Western Tragopan
ENACT Partnership
Garumbatitan Morellensis
Floodwatch App
Fujiwhara Effect
Kinnow Farming
Tharosaurus indicus
Groundwater Extraction
Himalayan Wolf
What are Rock glaciers?
United Nations Forum on Forests
Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary
Decision Support System (DSS) for Air Quality
Puma (Puma concolor)
Black-necked Crane
What is Titanosaur?
Kuno Palpur National Park
What is the Yellow-bellied Sea Snake?
What are Sea Slugs?
International Coral Reef Initiative
Key Facts about Gandaki River
Sub-national Climate Fund
Indian-Spot Billed Duck
What is Orcas?
Himalayan Black Bear
Air Quality Index (AQI)
What are Plastic Rocks?
World Sloth Bear Day
Chestnut-winged Cuckoo
North Atlantic right whales
Mahabali Frog
Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary
Eurasian Otter
What is Southern Annular Mode (SAM)?
Great Indian Bustards (GIBs)
Living Planet Report 2022
What is Doomsday Glacier?
Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI)
Moray Eel
What is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)?
What are Monitor Lizards?
Multi-Angle Imager for Aerosols Mission
Biotransformation Technology
Purple-Striped Jellyfish
Red Crowned Roofed Turtle (Batagur Kachuga)
What is the Green Credit Programme (GCP)?
International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)
Snow Leopard Population Assessment of India (SPAI)
What is South Asian Black Carbon Aerosols?
About Gas flaring
What is Senna Spectabilis
Red-Billed Quelea
Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC)
Indian Tent Turtle
Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)
Himalayan Brown Bear
Sea lion
UNESCO State of Ocean Report
Dragon snakehead fish
What are Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)?
Dwarf Boa
Valmiki Tiger Reserve
What are Rhododendrons?
Salsola oppositifolia Desfontani
CSIR-NGRI’s Early Warning System
Similipal Tiger Reserve
About Gangetic Dolphin
Miyawaki Forest
Coast Guard Pollution Control Vessels (PCV)
Nallamala Forest
Cyrtopodion Vindhya
Green Crackers
What is National Green Hydrogen Mission?
Key Facts about Snow Leopard
What is the Char Area?
New Basmati Varieties
Red Colobus
Tundra Ecosystem
What are Tunicates?
Pearl Spot Fish
What is Chondrostereum Purpureum?
Deepor Beel
Mugger Crocodiles
Tilapia parvovirus (TiPV)
City Nature Challenge
What is Ethanol?
World Environment Day
Climate Change Performance Index
Climate Club
What is Ibisbill?
Golden-backed Frog
What is Global Forest Watch (GFW)?
What is Paraparatrechina neela?
What is the National Mission for Clean Ganga?
What is Jerson’s Babbler?
Himalayan Vulture
Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) Policy
Coral Bleaching
What are Stem Cells?
State of Global Climate Report 2023
Sarus Crane
GRIHA norms
What are Caecilians?
Mizoram Parachute Gecko
Conjoined Silverline butterfly
What are Fanged Frogs?
PM2 elephant acclimatising in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
What is Mad Cow disease?
New kangaroo lizard species
Red-necked Phalarope
Cytotoxins (CTXs)
Key facts about Sea cucumbers
Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Land Management (CoE- SLM)
Single Use Plastics
What are Peatlands?
Palm Cockatoo
What is Ozone?
Sloth bear
New Toad Species
About Barda Wildlife Sanctuary
National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG)
Sukapaika River
Carbon Border Tax
Impatiens neo-uncinata
Aerosol Pollution
What are Walking Leaves?
ETHANOL 100 Fuel
What is Ozone pollution?
What is Nagoya Protocol?
White-bellied sea eagle
Silent Valley National Park
What is Curcuma kakchingense?
Caltoris Bromus Sadasiva
Red Sanders is endemic to Eastern Ghats.
Olive Ridley Turtle
Alligator Gar Fish
Sharm el-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda
Pygmy Hog
What is CarbonLite Metro Travel?
What is eSoil?
Black-Headed Ibis
Ruddy Shelduk
What is Black Carbon?
Catatumbo lightning
Boreal Forest
Bar-headed Goose
Stump-tailed macaque
Carbon Market
Amur falcons
Acidification of Great Lakes
Key Facts about Mekong River
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited
Indian Skimmer
Arittapatti and Meenakshipuram Villages
What is International Energy Agency (IEA)?
Thrips Parvispinus
Ludwigia Peruviana
What is Biomining?
Key Facts about Forest Owlet
Horseshoe Crabs
Indian White-backed Vulture
What are Cyclones?
Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework adopted
Saurauia Punduana
World Ozone Day 2023
Indian Green Building Council
DNA Profiling of Elephants
Genes of Whales
National Green Tribunal
Blue Sea Dragon and Blue Button
Sambar Deer
India Meteorological Department (IMD)
Gentoo Penguin
Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary
Key Facts about Denisovans
Amur falcon
Namdapha flying squirrel
What is Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)?
What is the Leopard 2 Tank?
Harike Wetland
Black Corals
Senna Spectabilis
Facts about Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve
What is Bridge Fuel?
Banni Grassland
What is Pinna nobilis?
New Millipede species
NEST initiative
What is a Green Honeycreeper?
Jeypore Ground Gecko
Pallas’s Cats
Gambusia fish
Batillipes Chandrayaani
Silk cotton tree
About Sloth Bear
Grey­bellied Wren Babbler
Sea Cucumber
Tropospheric Emissions Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO)
What is Ashwagandha?
What is Russell’s Viper?
Great Indian Bustard (GIB)
Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary
People’s Biodiversity Register
Conocarpus Tree