What is Yellow Band Disease?

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Recently, scientists found that corals of eastern Thailand are getting affected by Yellow band Disease which is killing corals over vast stretches of the sea floor.

About Yellow band Disease

  • Yellow-band disease—named for the colour it turns corals before destroying them—was first spotted decades ago and has caused widespread damage to reefs in the Caribbean. 
  • There is no known cure for this disease and unlike coral, bleaching corals will not be restored once they get infected by this disease.
  • Scientists believe overfishing, pollution and rising water temperatures because of climate change may be making the reefs more vulnerable to yellow-band disease.


Q1)What are corals?

Corals are colonies of tiny living creatures that are found in oceans. They are underwater structures that are formed of coral polyps that are held together by calcium carbonate.

Source: Why are corals in Thailand getting destroyed?