What is Comb Jelly?

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A recent study suggests that comb jellies, more formally known as ctenophores, are the closest relatives of the first animals.

About Comb Jelly:

  • It is any of the numerous marine invertebrates constituting the phylum Ctenophora.
  • It is a beautiful, oval-shaped animal with eight rows of tiny comblike plates that it beats to move itself through the water.
  • As it swims, the comb rows break up (diffract) light to produce a shimmering rainboweffect.
  • Some ctenophores live in somewhat brackish water, but all are confined to marine habitats. 
  • They live in almost all ocean regions, particularly in surface waters near shores. 
  • They are frequently swept into vast swarms, especially in bays, lagoons, and other coastal waters. 
  • They are carnivorous, eating myriads of small planktonic animals.


Q1) What are marine invertebrates?

Marine invertebrates comprise many groups of different organisms and occur from the sea surface to the seafloor and into the substrate. They represent the vast majority of marine biodiversity and include, for example, sponges, corals, bluebottles, worms, shells, sea urchins, starfish, crustaceans, sea cucumbers and nudibranchs.

Source: Comb jelly ancestor may have been first animal to branch from tree of life