Mudwani Dam Eco-park

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Ministry of Coal converts suitable mine areas, after exhaustion of reserves, into eco-parks, sites for water sports, underground mine tourism, golf grounds, adventure, bird watching etc. These sites have good potential for recreation, revenue generation and employment for local people.

About Mudwani Dam Eco-Park:

  • Mudwani Dam Eco-park, developed by Northern Coalfields Limited in Singrauli and AnanyaVatika Eco-Restoration Park cum Pit Lake developed by South Eastern Coalfields Limited in Dola, both in Madhya Pradesh are unique examples for such initiatives.
  • Mudwani Dam   Eco-park in Singrauli, is spread over an area of 84,000 m2 and inaugurated during Vriksharopan Abhiyan 2021.
  • Located in Jayant area, Mudwani Dam Eco-park is developed with beautiful water front, walking pathways, children sports area, restaurants and shops for local products will also be part of this eco-park. 


AnanyaVatika Eco-Restoration Park:

  • AnanyaVatika Eco-Restoration Park cum Pit Lake is developed after reclamation of abandoned OB dump of Sector “D” of Rajnagar Opencast Project of Hasedo Area located in Dola, Madhya Pradesh.
  • It is one of the best examples of reclamation and sustainable development in Open Cast Mining Project


Q1) Which type of coal is found in Singrauli?

Singrauli is famous for Gondwana type of coal in India

Source: Promotion of Mines Tourism by Coal /Lignite PSUs