Nilgiri Tahr Conservation Project

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Recently, the Tamil Nadu government launched an initiative for the conservation of the Nilgiri Tahr at Rs 25 crore.

About Nilgiri Tahr Conservation Project:

  • Under The Nilgiri Tahr project, the Tamil Nadu government plans to 
    • Develop a better understanding of the Nilgiri Tahr population through surveys and radio telemetry studies
    • Reintroduce the Tahrs to their historical habitat
    • Address proximate threats
    • Increase public awareness of the species
  • The project is to be implemented for 5 year period from 2022 to 2027.


What is Nilgiri Tahr?

  • Nilgiri Tahr is the only Caprinae species found in the tropical mountains of southern India.
  • Habitat: They are endemic to the Western Ghats and used to inhabit a large part of the Western Ghats between Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
  • Conservation Status 
    • IUCN - Endangered
    • Wildlife (Protection) Act of India, 1972 - Schedule I


Q1) Which National Park has the highest density of Nilgiri Tahr?

The Eravikulam National Park has the highest density and largest surviving population of Nilgiri tahr.

Source: T.N. government sets up Nilgiri Tahr conservation project