Schizostachyum andamanicum

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Recently, the patent office of Government of India has granted a patent to Botanical Survey of India for bamboo (Schizostachyum andamanicum) based reusable straw.

About   Schizostachyum andamanicum:

  • It was discovered on the Andaman island about three decades ago.
  • This is only found in some forested areas of Andamans.
  • It grows primarily in the wet tropical biome.
  • This species of bamboo is characterized by a thin large hollow erect culm (stem) with long internodes and has potential for developing into a straw.
  • It has small, white flowers that are arranged in clusters. The seeds are small and black, and the seedlings have thin, light green leaves.


Key Facts about Botanical Survey of India

  • It is the apex taxonomic research organization of India.
  • It works under the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India.
  • It was established on 13th February 1890 under the direction of Sir George King.
  • The mandate of the organization has been broadened to biosystematics research, floristic studies, documentation, databasing of National Botanical collection, digitization of herbarium specimens etc.
  • Headquarter: Kolkata


Q1) What is biome?

A biome is a large ecological or geographical region characterized by distinct climate, vegetation, and animal life. Biomes are defined by their unique combinations of temperature, precipitation, and other environmental factors that influence the types of plants and animals that can thrive in a particular area.

Source: Botanical Survey of India has received a patent for bamboo-based reusable straw.