Pappathi Chola

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There is an urgent need to conserve Pappathi Chola which is a Biodiversity hotspot and has a high population of butterflies; balsams and orchids are abundant in the area.

About Pappathi Chola

  • Pappathi Chola, known for its high butterfly population, derived its name from the Tamil word Pappathi meaning butterflies and Chola means shola land. 
  • It is also regarded as a hub of balsams (Impatiens balsamina) and rare varieties of orchids.
  • It is located right in the middle of the Chathurangappara hills and Mathikettan shola.
  • Last year, the region witnessed the blooming of Neelakurinji,”
  • This area is covered with eucalyptus trees.
  • Many butterflies reach the area during their migratory course from the rain shadow forests of Tamil Nadu back to the higher elevations of Munnar.

Key facts about Impatiens balsamina

  • It is an annual herb thought to be native to India and Myanmar.
  • It is an annual, perennial or suffruticose herbs, terrestrial or sometimes epiphytic.
  • It has been long prescribed for the treatment of rheumatism, isthmus, generalized pain, fractures, inflammation of the nails, scurvy, carbuncles, dysentery, bruises, foot diseases, etc. 
  • Juice extracted from plant leaves was used to cure warts and snakebite.

Q1) What is Neelakurunji?

It is a shrub that grows in the shola forests of the Western Ghats in South India.The plant is named after the famous Kunthi River which flows through Kerala’s Silent Valley National Park, where the plant occurs abundantly. It is found at an altitude of 1,300-2,400 metres. This flower blooms once in 12 yearsas the pollination of flowers needs a longer period. It is mainly found in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. 

Source: Greens call for urgent steps to conserve Pappathi Chola