Biotransformation Technology

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Recently, a UK-based start-up has claimed that they have developed Biotransformation technology that can alter the state of plastics and make them biodegradable.

About Biotransformation Technology:

  • Biotransformation technology is a process which alters the state of plastics and makes them biodegradable.
  • The technology would digest the plastic packaging waste naturally with the help of microbes without leaving behind any microplastics.
  • It ensures that plastic which escaped refuse streams is fully biodegraded in the natural environment.

What is the Process involved? 

  • Plastics made using this technology are given a pre-programmed time during which it looks and functions like conventional plastics.
  • After expiry and exposure to the external environment, it self-destructs and biotransforms into bioavailable wax.
  • This wax is then consumed by microorganisms, converting waste into water, CO2, and biomass.
  • The technology attacks the crystalline and amorphous region of the polymer structure, rapidly turning it into a wax-like material.
  • This wax-like material is no longer plastic and is not harmful to the environment


Q1) What are Microbes?

Microbes are tiny, single-celled organisms that cannot be seen with the human eye. They are also referred to as microscopic organisms because a microscope is the only way to see them. They account for roughly 60% of all living things on earth.

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