What is Euscorpiops Krachan?

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What is Euscorpiops Krachan? Blog Image


Researchers recently discovered a previously unknown species of scorpion, scientifically classified as Euscorpiops Krachan.

About Euscorpiops Krachan

  • This new species belongs to the subgenus Euscopiops and has been named Euscorpiops Krachan after the national park in Thailand, where it was found.
  • Scorpions in this genus have limited distribution ranges with a high degree of endemism.
  • They can be found mainly in mountain areas, particularly in places with numerous rock crevices.
  • Features:
    • It presents most of the features exhibited by scorpions of the subgenus Euscorpiops.
    • They are very small in comparison to most other species of the subgenus, reaching just over 1 inch in length.
    • They are brownish in colour; however, females are darker than males.
    • They also have eight eyes and eight legs.
    • Other scorpions of the Scorpiops genus hunt through 'ambush or sit-and-wait type of foraging'. It is believed that the new species employs similar strategies while hunting. 

Q1) What is a crevice?

 A crevice is a narrow opening resulting from a split or crack. It is a long, tight space often found on the face of a mountain or other geological formation. A crevice can be large or small, but because it is usually hard to reach, it is a great hiding place for all things like reptiles, bugs, and lost climbers.

Source: New scorpion species with 8 eyes and 8 legs found in Thai National Park