Sphaerotheca varshaabhu

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Researchers from various national and international organisations have identified and documented a previously unknown species of frog which has been thriving amidst the urban landscape of Bengaluru.

About Sphaerotheca varshaabhu

  • It is a new frog species.
  • Sphaerotheca Varshaabhu, meaning a genus of frog which welcomes rain, has been attributed to its behaviour of coming out of burrows during the early showers.
  • The newly unearthed amphibian exhibits distinctive characteristics that set it apart from known frog species.
  • It has adapted to its urban surroundings displaying behaviours and physical attributes that help it navigate challenges posed by urbanization.
  • The team utilised advanced genetic analysis, morphological studies and bioacoustics to confirm the distinctiveness of this newly discovered amphibian.

Key facts about amphibians

  • They are extremely sensitive to changes in the environment and can give scientists valuable insight into how an ecosystem is functioning.
  • Amphibians, like frogs, toads and salamanders, are known as indicator species.
  • They are both predators and prey; many other animals are affected by them.

Q1) What is an indicator species?

They are a species, or group of species, that reflect the biotic or abiotic state of an environment; reveal evidence for, or the impacts of, environmental change; or indicate the diversity of other species, taxa, or entire communities within an area.

Source: Researchers identify new species of burrowing frog in urban Bengaluru