What is Soil Nailing?

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The project, known as ‘slope stabilisation using soil nailing and Hydroseeding method,’ is being undertaken in a few areas in Tamil Nadu around the Nilgiris’ major roads by the state highways department.

About Soil Nailing:

  • It is a geotechnical engineering technique that involves the insertion of reinforcing elements into the soil in a specified area to strengthen it.
  • This soil reinforcement process uses steel tendons which are drilled and grouted into the soil to create a composite mass similar to a gravity wall. 
  • Soil nailing methods
    • Drilled and grouted soil nailing methods: The nails are inserted in the pre-drilled holes and filled with grouting materials.
    • Driven Soil Nailing Method: It is used for temporary stabilization, it is fast. However, it does not provide corrosion protection to the steel or nails.
    • Drilling Soil Nailing Method: In this method the hollow bars are used in this method, bars are drilled and grout is injected. This method is typically faster than driven nails.
    • Jet Grouted Soil Nailing Method: This method is used for eroding soil for creating holes in the soil surface, steel bars are installed in this hole and grout with concrete.
    • Launched Soil Nailing Method: This method involves nailing steel bars forced to the soil with a single shot using compression by an air mechanism.
  • It is commonly used for
    • Stabilizing slopes and landslides
    • Supporting excavations
    • Repairing existing retaining walls

What is hydroseeding?

It is a process of applying a mixture of seeds, fertilizer, organic materials and water onto the soil to facilitate the growth of grass and plant-life, that will help hold the top soil together and prevent erosion.

Q1: What is Soil erosion?

It refers to the erosion of the top layer of dirt known as topsoil, the fertile material vital to life. The rate of soil erosion depends on many factors, including the soil's makeup, vegetation, and the intensity of wind and rain.

Source: A ‘green’ solution to prevent landslips in the Nilgiris