Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP)

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Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) Blog Image


A revised action plan to fight the serious challenge of air pollution in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) has come into force after a sudden dip in air quality in the capital and its neighbouring areas.


  • The GRAP is a step-by-step plan to counter Delhi-NCR's deteriorating air quality.
  • It was formulated by the Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control Authority (EPCA) jointly with the Delhi government in 2017.
  • However, it is an emergency response mechanism and is only enforced when air pollution reaches a certain threshold.
  • Moreover, the plan is incremental and adaptable, which means the preventive measures will be updated and escalated according to changes in the AQI.



  • It has been prepared for implementation under different Air Quality Index (AQI) categories namely, Moderate & Poor, Very Poor, Severe, Severe+ and Emergency as per National Air Quality Index.
    • ‘Moderate’ to ‘poor’ categoryincludes measures like stringent enforcement of PUC checks, prevention of waste burning and regulating polluting industries.
    • The ‘very poor’ categoryincludes measures like shutting down of diesel generator sets and enhancing parking fees.
    • The ‘severe’ and ‘severe plus’ categories include stringent measures like shutting down hot mix plants and stone crushers, intensifying public transport, stopping entry of trucks into Delhi, stopping construction activity and even implementing the odd-even scheme.


Source : The Hindu