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Recently, the Union Minister of State for Power inaugurated UTPRERAK, a dedicated Centre of Excellence to accelerate industry adoption of clean technologies in New Delhi.



  • The Unnat Takniki Pradarshan Kendra (UTPRERAK) is the Centre of Excellence to Accelerate Adoption of Energy Efficient Technologies and seeks to play a catalytic role in improving the energy efficiency of the Indian industry.
  • It is also named as Advanced Industrial Technology Demonstration Centre (AITDC)
  • It has been set up by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power.


What are the mandates?

  • The Centre is mandated to become the key reference and resource institution on industrial energy-efficient technologies.
  • It will demonstrate and showcase energy-efficient technologies in key industry sectors.
  • It will act as an exhibition cum information centre and knowledge repository.
  • It will be a knowledge exchange platform, where best practices from across various key sectors could be diffused among industry professionals through workshops and seminars.


Key facts about the Bureau of Energy efficiency

  • It is a statutory body under the Union Ministry of Power.
  • It was set up under the provisions of the Energy Conservation Act, of 2001.
  • Mission: Develop policy and strategies with a thrust on self-regulation and market principles within the overall framework of the Energy Conservation Act (EC Act), 2001.
  • Primary Objective: To reduce energy intensity in the Indian economy.


Q1) What are Energy-efficient technologies?

Energy-efficient technologies refer to various products, systems, and practices designed to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. These technologies aim to optimize energy use, minimize waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: Power Ministry establishes UTPRERAK, a Centre of Excellence to Accelerate Adoption of Energy Efficient Technologies in Indian Industry