Bar-headed Goose

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A bar-headed goose, which was tagged in Mongolia in July 2014 has recently been spotted in Koonthankulam - Kadankulam Bird Sanctuary in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu.

About Bar-headed goose:

  • They large pale grey birds which are considered one the world’s highest flying birds.
  • They are known for their migration spanning distances of over 1,600 km in a day.
  • They are known for reaching extreme altitudes of 29,500 feet during their twice-yearly migrations across the Himalayas.
  • Scientific name: Anser indicus
  • Distribution: Native to central Asia, where the species breeds, they are found in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Japan and other nearby regions. 
  • Habitat: They breed around lakes and marshes on highland plateaus; winters in lowland wetlands and fields.
  • Feautures
  • This species is gray and white with two horseshoe-shaped, brownish-black bars on the back of its white head. 
  • The bill and legs are pink, orange, or yellow.
  • IUCN Status: ‘Least Concern’


Q1) Which bird migrate the farthest?

The Arctic tern, an elegant white seabird, migrates farther than any other bird. It travels from pole to pole. It breeds on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere’s summer. Then it heads to the Southern Hemisphere to continue its life of endless summertime.

Source:  Bar-headed goose tagged in Mongolia spotted at Koonthankulam sanctuary